Within my 22 years, I have experience many things that led to certain emotions that I may not have been able to control in that moment in time. However, it is now that I have realised that it is not just me that can go through the motions but in-fact it is us all.

The Hulk is a perfect example of this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personas, as it were, that we all have conjured up inside us but it is how we control it that is one of the many struggles of life. We may count to 10. We may scream into a pillow. Or we may punch the living daylights out of a punchbag or a pillow, depending if screaming didn’t do it for you. But, what happens when this doesn’t work and we begin to see red…?

  • There are many of us that will go all ‘Hulk Smash‘ like and start stomping around like a toddler because you didn’t get what you want and hey, stomping around usually works… sometimes.
  • There are others who will begin to pull a deafen, a blinden and ignore everything and everyone around you. In-fact, that idea sounds a little childish too…
  • There is also one in-which I like to call the ‘fake it.’ Yes the old ‘I’m fine’ when the person’s face looks like thunder and the eyes looks like it can zap and melt your eyeballs.
  • Then there is my personal favourite and I must admit, it is my see-red-symptom. The Bitch.

Yes, I can be a right one of those when my limits get pushed and it is a limit that doesn’t get pushed quite easily! Maybe, that’s why I act in this manner (a manner I can’t stand being like) but when you see red, you see red.

You could say that this ultimate anger symptom is a concoction of all the ones I previously mentioned…

It’s not pretty!

Neither is the Hulk thinking about it…

Unless you have a thing for green men…

I won’t judge.


Like I said, it takes an awful lot for me to get angry to the point of explosion. I have a tendency to bottle everything up so when I turn all She-Hulk like it’s like everything that was sealed nicely in a box tied with a pretty pink ribbon went KABOOM and all hell breaks loose.

It begins with usually silence. I won’t say a word but when I do its snappy, a little arsey and quite frankly… not me-like. To be honest, there was a time where I would shout and swear, some mad swearing concoctions at that, but now I tend not to unless I grew a hell of a lot more inches and turned green…

God, I hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon.

I am not one for hitting out but sometimes a punch bag would be useful in them situations and then when everything seems a little calmer… I begin to pull…

Yes… I begin to pull the ‘Fake It.’

I must admit there are so many times you can say ‘I’m fine’ and I guess being constantly asked if you’re okay makes you more angry. So the simple thing to do here or maybe in the first place, is to talk things through with a person or just walk a way from the situation.

We all get angry sometimes and how I person deals with it is different for each and every one of us. We can all go from a calm brilliant Bruce Banner or Dr Jekyll to a raving lunatic that is of the Hulk or Mr Hyde from time to time.

But, I will give you some advice…

Stay away from radioactive gamma rays and ‘potions’!


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