Imageoriginal picture by: My edit of speech bubbles.

“What lovely weather we’re having.”

It’s too hot!”


There are many reasons why a person would visit the UK. When a person thinks of the UK they think of London, old-fashioned architecture and I guess we do have a pretty wide selection of museums. Lets face it, people are not hopping on a plane so they can lay half naked on some beautiful exotic beach. No but I guess lately a person could be tempted.

Our weather isn’t the best… in-fact most of the time the weather pretty much sucks! There’s only so much rain a person can expect (unless you live in a rain forest of course) but I suppose us Brits have gotten used to the odd day here and there of beautiful weather which is then followed by rain, more rain and hey lets just add a little more rain… When i say a little, I mean a lot! So you’d expect that when our summer actually arrives and we see some Sun and temperatures are rising to 26 degrees then you’d think we’d be happy, right?


I must admit I can take the heat and I love the sun. As I have only been abroad twice in my 22 years and God knows how long it will be till my next plane trip, these dry patches filled with beautiful blue skies and a bright happy sun is the perfect reason to get out there and sunbathe. Safely ofcourse!

The past two weeks I have seen it all through facebook statuses, tweets and whatnot… There are the pictures of those who are loving the sun, browning or burning nicely. Then you see the odd status updates about BBQs and beer. But, mostly my newsfeed is filled to the brim of constant moaning! Yes moaning!

“It’s too hot!”

I wish it would rain”

“Sun, go a way”

There’s something about a person’s ice in their beverage melting quicker that gets the British public’s knickers in a twist!

Deary me, if a person isn’t moaning about how hot it is, they’re moaning about how cold it is.

No wonder it is always raining. The pathetic fallacy of it all is perfect for the general mood of the British public.


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