With The Wolverine being released into our cinemas this passed week. It got me thinking about Wolverine’s character and how I could relate life and myself to him.

When a person mentions Wolverine to you, what is the first thing that props up into your head?

I’ll tell you what pops up into mine…

I've always been a sucker for a man in a leather jacket!
I’ve always been a sucker for a man in a leather jacket!

Well firstly, there is no denying that a person will think of the gorgeous Hugh Jackman when our mysterious metal-clawed friend is mentioned.

Another person may think of the bright yellow and blue suit he wears. If you click here, fellow blogger Casey Chan has a fantastic blog on the history of Wolverine’s suit.

Personally, I like the ‘2001 – black leather’ Wolverine. I have a thing for leather then again a shirtless Hugh Jackman featured in The Wolverine posters would be close to being top of the list.

I haven’t seen the movie yet so no spoilers!

And, lastly before I go off topic, many people may imagine his anger out bursts that lead him to sometimes rip his own flesh to shreds; to then see it miraculously heal itself.

It was this thought that led me to my comparison. So, here goes.


In my previous post I spoke about one of the things I do that is related to my GAD: the belief that I know what a person is thinking. Of course this isn’t the only thing that I do which is related to it and in future posts I will speak about different ones. Today however, I’m going to speak about depression.


If you type into Google ‘define: depression’, you will find this definition:

Depression n.

  1. Severe despondency and dejection, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.
  2. A condition of mental disturbance, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life.


I’ve been battling with depression since my early teens and it was only two years ago that I came to terms with it, as well as GAD, and got some treatment.

It was within my early teens that I became so deep within my depression that no-one could talk me out of it. It was then, I started to self harm.

Self harming, for me, gave me a sense of control as everything in my life seemed that it was far from my control. It wasn’t just that though. I’ve never been good with my emotions. Before then, it was very rare I would cry. It was like I had some mental block on everything. Obviously all of this repression has built up over the years and this was a way that I could release it.

For a person to self harm is a serious issue. There are many ways a person can self harm and most of them are pretty dangerous and most people have difficulty in talking to people about it.

So, why could I never be Wolverine? I’ll tell you.

Wolverine, he gets injured or he gets so wrapped up in his emotions he sometimes rips himself to shreds but as we have seen, he heals himself with no sign of a scratch. I wish in some sense I could take my self harming back but the visual reminders are a constant reminder, not of my depressive outbursts, but of how I have overcome them.

Without everything that happened in my life from the choices I had made to ones I couldn’t make, it has made me. Made me into a strong woman who yes, has difficulties sometimes but overcomes them.

For all of you who would love a life of immortality like our clawed friend then I shall leave you with a quote from a Mr Bruce Lee:

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.


For anyone affected by the acts of self harm. Whether it be yourself or a family member then take a look at these websites. (UK)


3 thoughts on “Why I Could Never Be Wolverine

  1. Hi!
    I’ve been following your blog for a couple weeks, and I’ve been enjoying your articles. The redesign looks good, but I might recommend changing the background picture. It doesn’t contrast well with the color of your text, which makes it hard to read.
    Otherwise, keep on writing!

    1. Thank you so much for following my blog and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts!
      I totally agree with the background! I’m currently drafting ideas to fix it 🙂 Tbh, I needed a fellow blogger’s opinion! I’m kind of new to this! 🙂

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