There’s something strange about shades.

They are meant to block out the sun; to protect our eyes from the sun’s blinding rays. However,  for some strange reason many people, myself included, wear them for some other reason besides that.

With GAD, I have difficulty in going anywhere. You could probably call me a hermit if you wish. I rarely leave the house. Again for the fear on what the hell will happen to me, my family or my home if I did infact, leave. I did used to have a way of coping if I did leave the house and since the summer has been around, I have found I am going out even more and I have finally realised why that is.


I love sunglasses. There is certainly a “cool” element about them and I guess that is partly a reason why I tend to wear them. I guess there is also a mysterious element about them too. A girl or guy could look at a person wearing some shades and wonder what they’re thinking. Although, If it were me, I’m probably already reading their minds.

Although there is something I have noticed. Sometimes when a person walks passed me, they’re giving me this look… a look as if to say, “What the…?” and it occurred to me, that not only am I wearing them in the day, but also when the sun is nowhere to be seen.

Shades in Darkness
Shades in Darkness

So, I started flicking through pictures and found many of me wearing sun glasses in the dark.

This one to my right was taken 2 years ago and I have more that go back even further!

I wonder is this a fascination or a way of dealing with my anxieties or perhaps both.

I believe it is a little of both.

Shades are like a mask and I guess I feel a sense of invisibility whilst wearing them.

I have had people ask me, “why are you wearing sunglasses for? There’s no sun.” This irritates me. What is it to a person if I want to wear sunglasses in the dark, rain or even in my own house? Although, I guess I may look a little stupid but it helps me in situations I don’t particularly want to be in.

It’s not just me though.

People wear shades for all reasons. A person could be hungover, or maybe a person is hiding the daggers they’re projecting at a person they’re not fond of.

Cyclops has that one covered but with the red beam of doom!… Although he can’t really help it. I guess that’s another thing we have in common… With my bad eyes and my stubbornness of not wearing my glasses out and about, sometimes it may look like I’m forever scowling at someone! Shades seems to hide that too!

So, I suppose the next time someone asks me why I’m wearing sunglasses when there’s no sun. I’ll smile and say, I’m protecting you from MY red beam of doom.


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