I feel a little like the Wicked Witch of the West recently and I’ll tell you why…

I love Australia! It’s a beautiful country (from what I have seen via the media). The landmarks such as the Sydney Symphony Hall is a place I would love to visit alongside many other landmarks like Uluru or Ayers Rock. Their wildlife is equally scary (due to the amount of poisonous spiders and snakes out there) and the amazing like kangaroos and Koala bears.

Australia has brought shows to our country such as Neighbours and Home and Away(shows I used to watch as a child). It has also been the birth place of some well-known people such as Kylie Minogue, Peter Andre (even though I know he was born in London, but an Australian nonetheless) and I’d be a rubbish superhero if I forgot to mention our gorgeous Hugh Jackman.

There is no denying how amazing it would be for a person from the UK to visit such a place, in-fact, there was a time during Junior School where I told people I was born in Australia and people believed it until I forgot all about it, got asked one day and my face revealed the truth.


However, today I’m cursing at it: swearing from the top of my lungs or perhaps Big Ben… because today my oldest friend is leaving to backpack around Australia and it is highly likely that I may never see her again.

Alyshia has been nothing but one of the greatest people I have had the privilege of growing up with! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out, she’s smart and not just in the ‘I’ve just got a First in Psychology’ kind-of-way. She’s street smart and gives amazing advice. She’s kind, even if it means she needs to be cruel to make you see sense. She’s funny, inspirational and godmother to my child.

She was there for me when my parents split up and I started heading down my dark path. She didn’t pity me (like some people do) she emphasized and helped me get back into contact with my dad. (It helped that she only lived round the corner). She was the one person I feared in telling I was pregnant and when she did find out, she was thrilled! She was even more thrilled when I asked her to be godmother to Brooke and a year later she told me to pick someone else because she knew she was beginning to plan her Australian adventure. I remember telling her that I didn’t care where she was in the world. I wanted her to be in Brooke’s life in some way and be there like she was for me. She returned the gesture with a smile and said no more. She was there, sitting right next to me, when I finally signed up to do my English Literature and Language Degree and she’s read every word I have written in my book and on this blog. So, Alyshia, I hope I’m making you tear a little while you’re reading this.


And last Saturday I was there for her when she hosted a bon voyage party.


I arrived a couple of hours early and attempted to help her set things up (a little difficult while wearing heels). I watched as people arrived and I saw how happy she was to be surrounded by many people she loves. There were family members who most I already knew. There were also friends that she met at Uni who had shown their love for this woman by traveling miles to see her before she leaves. There were people that she had just recently met while working as a charity fundraiser (yes, a charity fundraiser… you know the ones you find on the street who most likely piss you off) and then there was me and some of my closest friends along with a few friends we both went to school with.

I remember thinking how much grace she had as she floated amongst everyone reminiscing about memories of herself as a child or that Gothic teenager who pasted the white make up on her face, dyed her hair black, listened to heavy metal shiz and scared the shit out of my previous boyfriends.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry, that I’d save it until today when she leaves my house for perhaps the last time but last Saturday, after the drinks started flowing, I couldn’t help myself.

We were in her kitchen. Myself and a friend of mine were pouring ourselves a concoction of poison, using all the left over alcohol that people had left behind (it was disgusting and was the consequence to my headache the next morning). She walked in and she stopped. She is a few inches taller than me… okay maybe a little more than a few inches and I gave her a hug. I remember, (as tipsy as I wouldn’t like to admit) saying how much I loved her and how proud of her I am for doing everything that she has accomplished and now she’s going on this big adventure which will lead to her for-filling her dream of traveling the world. The woman has guts and is doing something that I don’t think I could ever do, by myself anyway. As I said these things, I recall her beautiful blues starting to leak and then came the floods of tears.

I can’t believe how quick it has come and now I’m saying goodbye but I know it is only physical. I will never say goodbye to her completely. I will read her blog about her journey in Australia and beyond as if I’m standing right beside her. I will continue to watch her travel vlogs (Video Blogs) just so I can laugh at her silly antics. I will continue to send her my work on my novel so she can tell me what she thinks and I will stick to my promise which is what I said to her last Saturday night…


When my book sells (and it will) we will come and find you and travel the world with you. (sounds like I’m proposing my love for her but I meant it).


So I curse you yellow brick road for being the path she’s going to walk on to get to Oz! How dare you take one of the most precious things from me BUT thank youthank you for giving my friend the opportunity to walk your path and see places and meet people so different from us. Thank you for giving her this because this is what she loves doing and she deserves it oh so so much!


and Alyshia, thank you for being you and for being my friend! I love you ever so much and one day I will see you again!


If anyone has an interest in traveling and would like some information about everything from packing to planning a trip then click here and it will take you to Alyshia’s Video Blog. If anyone out there or if you also would love to get an insight on her journey in Oz, like me, then click here which will take you to her blog.


Here’s some Australian Travel shizniz:


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