Superman and Lois celebrate their anniversary in style
Superman and Lois Lane celebrate their anniversary in style

I remember when I first saw you. We were 12 and we crossed paths in Bournville Park which I walked through everyday on the way home from school. You was with a mutual friend of ours and we stopped to talk to one another. You never said a word and after our conversation ended we went our separate ways. There was something about you that I liked but I couldn’t figure out what it was but I liked you nonetheless. I remember thinking whether I should try what they do in the movies where the girl looks back. I got to the park gates and.. I looked back and to my surprise, you were looking straight back at me.


I knew then, that we was going to be together some day.


I remember when I saw you again and again and a few times after that. We were 13/14 and I was outside the front of my house (the house we now live in) with a few friends of mine. I stood against the lamppost watching you discretely as you walked passed on your way to the same mutual friend’s house. You were wearing a red vest top, 3/4 length jogger like things and a cap. You glanced over in my direction then turned back to look at the floor.


I thought to myself again that we was going to be together some day.


I remember when you first came into my house. We were 15/16. You stood there silently and I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell you was thinking. The next day we went to some gig and you finally spoke to me. Our first conversation was about Jet Li and you were surprised I even knew who he was. I remember seeing you smile at that moment for the first time and I remember thinking…

“We’re going to be together some day.”


I remember that you was all I would think about and despite my efforts, you didn’t seem interested. I gave up until that evening...

August 23 2007 was that ‘some day.’

Today Luke and I celebrate our 6th anniversary and I couldn’t be happier than I am with him. I have spent the best part of a quarter of my life with such an amazing man.

I don’t do all this soppy stuff. In fact, I hate public affection in any way or form. I’m the kind of person who sees people on the TV or in movies kissing and I’m laughing! But, today is a day that I put all that behind me and show my gratefulness and love for him.

Luke and I at a party in April 2008. Look there's them damn shades again!

So, here goes…


Dear Luke,

Luke and I at a party in April 2009. We were 18... well I was!

I fucking love you and I hope you know that! Words (as you can see) simply cannot explain how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I think you’re crazy sometimes for putting up with the crazies which is myself but despite knowing everything that has ever happened to me, you have stuck by me. You stuck by me through my panic attacks, my depression, my random angry out bursts and stayed by my side during my silliness and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I would like to thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend in the first place… (even if it did mean that I had to sit there listening to my sister for the best part of an hour about your feelings for me… thanks for that). I am truly lucky to have a man like you. A person who treats me like a princess and supports me in everything I do. I thank you for moving in with me and showing me what a proper home life should feel like. But, most importantly, I thank you for giving me our baby girl!

I hope you know that you’re not just an amazing boyfriend but also an amazing father who works his bum off providing for us!

I know you don’t feel as strong as you did 6 years ago or fast or calm but I want you to know that it doesn’t matter… you will always be MY Superman! Nothing can ever change that!

God knows whether you’re reading this. Who am I kidding, you’ve probably already read it or reading it right now. But if you are, why don’t you walk into whatever room I am in and give me a kiss.

Love you forever and always


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