I have never done one of these Daily Prompts before even though I’ve been dying to just write about something with the idea already kind of there but today is the day I am going to take the leap and what a GREAT Daily Prompt to take the leap with…

So today’s and my first Daily Prompt is to take the third line of the last song I heard, put it as my title and then just write for 15 minutes…

At this current moment, I have no title! The last song on my Spotify list is the last song I was currently listening to before I left the computer. I wanted it to be random so whatever song starts after it… will be my title…

CLOSER TO THE EDGE by 30 Seconds to Mars

My title would obviously show the third line to this song by now but there’s the song for those of you who didn’t know along with an image. If you did know then I give you 100 pointsNo, make it 500… You know what? Give yourself a pat on the back!… In-fact why don’t you all just give yourselves a pat on the back. It wasn’t that hard to figure out really!

Quite pleased with the outcome of that if I do say so myself…

I must admit, I have been a fan of 30STM for a while now! I mentioned in my last post that my music taste developed in my mid teens… My friends and I would go to a place called ‘Teen Culture’ which was a place where teenagers who all have an interest in Rock Music (not all but the vass majority) would go for a few hours once a month to well, mosh-out I guess. I didn’t do the moshing-thing! As small as I am, I would have definitely got trampled on!

Some times bands would also make an appearance. I was fortunate to see Funeral for a Friend there once!

Entering this world, a world I hadn’t took an interest in, was so weird to me at the time but my thirst for finding new bands to listen to become an obsession!

We went to get out tickets and correct me if I’m wrong, the shop was called ‘Sword Fish’. In there was a machine which showed music videos to some relatively new songs. This is where I fell in love with Jared Leto in one of their most well-known songs, The Kill. I hadn’t realised at the time that I had already came across his name once from when I watched ‘Fight Club‘ which is my favourite film to date! He looked so different!

Jared Leto as “Angel Face” in ‘Fight Club’

And here he is a little more recently…

Just for the RECORD, when I said ‘fell in love’, I mean this version.

He has a remarkable talent in music and in acting and would you believe it when I tell you he’s 41.


To relate my self to the ‘third line’ there has been times I have been driven “close to the edge” and we all do. I guess that’s why I’m so drawn to this song because If ever I feel that way, I can listen to his words and think to myself…

“I will never forget”

“I will never regret”

“I will live my life”

LizzeeBuff Out


Feel free to click here to view the video!


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