Emeralds and Diamonds: An Idea for a diary entry featuring in my novel.


While writing my first novel ‘The Raven’s Cry’, I had already planned for their to be a diary entry which the protagonist finds belonging to his girlfriend.

Today’s Author popped up in my news feed with today’s prompt and I thought this would be a great opportunity to practice writing a diary entry for the character Layla Lawson…

Note this is NOT a snippet. It is just an idea that I may or may not like and therefore may not even use!

Here goes…

He knew he shouldn’t be reading her diary and yet he couldn’t put it down.

 March 5 2012

Dear Diary,

I saw him again today…

He scrolled up and glanced at the date it was written March 5 2012. The date was familiar. Confused, he continued to read…

I could feel his eyes on me as I ordered my usual. I turned to face him on my left. His eyes were closed as he took in a deep breath. He exhaled gently while opening his eyes… I love the way his eyes sparkle. They’re like diamonds perfectly tinted blue but his face wasn’t revealing a thing. I don’t think he was expecting me to be looking straight back at him and this annoyed me a little. He is so strange and I simply can’t understand him. I was attempting to read him until his top lip curled revealing that mischievous grin that makes my heart begin to knock: telling me to open up and say something… I thought he was joking when he asked me and I thought perhaps I’ll humour him…”

He turned the page… She can’t be talking about me.

He asked me If I had seen something I like.

Of course I had, and it was looking straight at me but I continued to humour him nonetheless as I replied with the same question. In them couple of seconds, I could imagine the gears turning as he tried to think of something witty in response but instead he said something which augmented my annoyance.

‘You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.’

He has seen my eyes so many times before and for some reason he felt the need to lean closer and examine then while saying softly…

He turned the page…

“In fact they are like emeralds… they take my breath a way.”

His eyes widened as he recognised his own words but with the ‘T’s crossed and the ‘I’s dotted with little love hearts. I remember this…

I was half expecting him to drop down to the floor on one knee and whip out another diamond but from within his pocket. Yet, he sat back on his stool and asked me If I was offended. Why would I be offended?

You just said the most romantic of words that you have ever said to me…

If he wasn’t going to propose then why was he acting so weird? I thought maybe I should remind him who he was talking to…

I felt like screaming!

“I Am Layla Lawson”

I held out my hand mocking his idiocy and he returned the gesture.

“I know who you are!”

And for some reason he seemed surprised by this…

It was then that Kyle picked up my empty glass along with the soggy coaster beneath it and placed a new, much more crispier one down… He had scribbled something. I read it… I needed to leave…

I wrote my number on another coaster and placed it in his hand, followed by a soft kiss on his cheek.

I know I’ll be hearing from him soon but I don’t know when.

Eyes wide, he dropped the book and he remembered why March 5 2012 was so familiar… It was the day we met…


Let me know what you guys think! Constructive criticism only or comments will be deleted!

To get an idea of the synopsis for The Raven’s Cry’ then please either click here or the link in the menu bar above!


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