Today’s Daily Prompt is:

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

So, what is my name and what does it mean? Why I prefer to spell it differently and who the heck is Pingu…?

Elizabeth Catherine Shhhhhh

According to Elizabeth is of Hebrew Origin which means “My God is an oath” or “Pledged to God.” 

Catherine, on the other hand, has a meaning of “pure” from an English/French/Greek heritage.

I have asked my mother why I was named this and the first thing she has always said is, “well anything is better than Dolly.” (My father is a country fan… he wanted to name my sister “Polly Anna”). She then continues with that she was always going to have ‘Catherine’ and if it wasn’t for my cousin being named ‘Katie’ then my name may have been reversed. Catherine was the name of her friend’s mother who became a somewhat second mother to her. This lady taught my Mom many things such as how to drive and (most importantly) how to butter bread properly. Didn’t realise there was a ‘proper’ way until my mom told me this.

Elizabeth was the middle name of my late Nan. Her mother also had the same and Elizabeth is also the middle name of my mom’s sister. I guess it fits perfectly and it is a name I have come to love.

I hated it as a child! I saw it as old-fashioned and any attempt to modify it has been somewhat pointless. Even being called ‘Liz’ annoyed the hell out of me, and still does. The linguist in me believes cacophony is to blame and the rest of me couldn’t agree more. (Not quite sure about Pingu though).

I had options but requesting people to call you by a specific name to shorten your original name doesn’t necessary work. For example: I am a MAJOR Buffy fan (it’s all making sense now isn’t it?). I really wanted to know if ‘Buffy’ was a shortened name for some other name and what I thought, hoped and prayed came true (not living up to my name’s meaning very well there). Again, according to my sources, the meaning of ‘Buffy’ has the same meaning as ‘Elizabeth’ (aww, perfect name for a slayer. Nice one Joss Whedon) and is a diminutive of it. This gave me the perfect excuse to get people to call me Buffy and I did! Some of my friends even now have me written down in their phones as ‘Buffy’! It was my name on Myspace and other social networks during the naughties. Yet, to my dismay, not everyone would call me it… 

So, Lizzie it was and I couldn’t stand that either but this time it was how it looked written down which caused me to get my creative juices flowing and come up with the not-so-predictable ‘Lizzee.’ I assume people think I have pressed the wrong key or think I’m damn-right strange (and strange I am.) To make things worse, I even had a friend call me ‘Lizzeebuff’ and I LOVED it so I use that for various things such as my Gamer-tag on Xbox Live (yes, I play games too) and if you scroll down, you’ll see it once more. Hey, call it my alter-ego if you may… I’m 22 and I’m not ready to rid of it just yet.

As an adult, I have actually preferred people to call me Elizabeth for formal situations. I liked being called it when I was in college and I’d much prefer to be called it at health appointments too. I admit I have come to love my name. It can be morphed for social occasions, morphed for social networking, morphed in spelling and the list of diminutives is pretty much endless as names go…

I have an Uncle who has always called me Beth…

and I have even thought about calling myself Betty when I get old but since that’s a good while a way… I shall name my car that… when I get a car… when I learn how to drive…

I really want a pink Beetle and call it the Betty-mobile!

Yeahh... Just like that one!
Yeahh… Just like that one!


My daughter also has ‘Elizabeth’ as one of her middle names…

But my reason for naming my daughter Brooke is another post for another day…

So, I’m going to get into my imaginary Betty-mobile and fly away!


Ohhhh… “What about Pingu?” you say.

Pingu is the name of my reflexion.

Told you I was strange…

LizzeeBuff Out



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