Original image from Dragoart.com
Original image from Dragoart.com

My answer to Daily Prompt’s prompt is that I believe that every now and again us mere humans need that little bit of help sometimes, whether we like to admit to it or not! Even superheroes have help now and again. So, I shall introduce you to my side-kick (and no it is NOT Pingu)…

Like Robin to Batman, my side-kick is smaller than me, is rather energetic and has that annoying trait that you can’t help but love!

Meet Pupsky… but we just call her Sasha!


For a husky, Sasha is the laziest one you WILL ever meet and if you have ever owned a husky you would believe I have it quite lucky. Until, you want to play fetch and she only fetches the ball a good three times and then gives up! But, when she’s not lazing around, eating or more lazing around, Sasha comes in quite handy as a side-kick!

First of all, she has the capability of switching on her ‘wolf cloak’ and becoming camouflaged!sasha2 This on an occasion or two has been useful to use against our enemies! Most of them are birds, squirrels and cats (okay the cats one is more my part than hers… OK… maybe a little both). However, this only deems useful when it in-fact snows and this has the tendency to re-introduce Sasha to her wild-side which can be a little frustrating sometimes.

Like Robin, she gets tired of being the side-kick so she likes to take a wonder into our next-door neighbour’s garden! Thankfully, they don’t mind and soon their dog will come out and tell her politely (no barking whatsoever) “Young-en you are not ready to take the path of the lone-wolf. You must go back to your master and protect her, listen to her and love her.” She replies with a nod and comes back through the hedge! Damn snow!

Considering we live in the UK, snow is becoming a lot more frequent in out winters and springs for that matter! The snow is good but hey, it’s no Siberia so, eventually that cloak has to come off at some point but that doesn’t matter because Sasha also has another brilliant super-power up her sleeve… or should I say, eyes?


I know, she has beautiful eyes and it’s the bonus to her many good qualities! To me they give me a feel of loyalty and friendliness. I must admit, I love how they beam when I walk into a room or when I get up in the mornings. Yet, some people don’t like them. Actually, many people on the street don’t like them! To the passer-by who most likely don’t have any idea about dog breeds and such are frightened to see such strange coloured eyes on a dog. Some people, (those who we call bad-apples who live in our neighbourhood) see her and dramatically run to the other side of the road yelling “Oh Em Gee, them eyes! It’s a wolf! A wolf.” This makes me wonder if they’ve ever heard of the story about the boy who cried wolf! Funnily enough, Sasha isn’t one to bark (and I’m not saying Huskies don’t bark like some people think because they do), she would probably go up to them all eyes beaming and tail waggling hoping for some fuss.

With my GAD, I get nervous around people and for people I know that are trouble who cross the road when they see her makes me feel a little better. Note: I wouldn’t own a dog for mere protection and train them to attack.

Apart from these traits as well as being sledge-worthy strong, fast and has a pretty good jump if she wanted, Sasha is also a very keen listener. There’s been times, I’ve been sad and lonely and she’s been there for a cuddle (a very messy malty-white-fur cuddle) and It’s kind of funny having rants about things. It also helps that she can’t chat back, it means I’m always right! But to top it off… she loves my baby!

We hadn’t had Sasha that long when I got pregnant and I remember the way she looked at me before I found out. Something about her eyes were trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what. They say dog’s have a sense for these things. Sasha was also Brooke’s first word.

I love having a dog and having the chance to bring Brooke up beside one! Sasha makes the perfect side-kick with just a pink collar instead of a cape.

imagesDon’t look at me like that Pingu! You will get your mention soon enough. They’re not ready to hear about you just yet!


13 thoughts on “When One Has A Side-kick!

      1. Yeah she would. Dogs and peanut butter, I tell you!
        I usually eat an apple and peanut with or for breakfast and Pierre is all over it. I’ve taken to eating from paper plates so he can lick the plate when I’m done.

      2. No way! Dogs NEVER like those things. 😉 Hehehehe. I’m glad she likes them. I will have to tell my daughter that her lucky find of that recipe has morphed into a worldwide baking party!
        I can’t wait to see your pic. 🙂

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