Films For Friday: Jumping Jack Flash


It’s Whoopi Goldberg Month!

When I’m not busy saving the world from whatever the world needs saving from… vampires, zombies, robots, giant teddy bears… I like to chillax and watch a movie and this is how I got this idea.


If you’re bored on a Friday night and fancy watching a film or whether you’re stuck in because of a rainy day, Films For Friday is where I will write a review of a film every Friday from a particular actress/actor or director that will change every month.

 Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986)

To begin, there is a reason why this film is my first review and it is all to do with a frog. Yes, a frog. You see, I had a small stuffed frog and 5 years ago he was stolen: kidnapped from beneath my very eyes. Now, you’re thinking “who would steal a toy frog?” Well, I’m going to tell you now! My friend John a.k.a Captain Awesome, drunkenly popped the victim into his pocket 5 years ago and has kept the victim at his house ever since despite my many a time of trying to rescue him. Captain Awesome has a good line of defense surrounding his T.V where the frog sits, hopelessly. Yet, one night, on my attempt to rescue him, the frog told me that he is very happy there and was even named. Yes, that’s it, you’ve guessed it. Captain Awesome named MY frog Jumping Jack Flash.

It was then Captain Awesome caught me! I asked him, “why the name Jumpin’ Jack Flash?” (to my dismay, I loved the name. I thought it was very creative). He told me it was the name of a film and a song by The Rolling Stones. I saw how happy Jack was with Captain Awesome so I surrendered and promised I would never try to rescue him again. In-fact, Captain Awesome recently got Jack a friend and gave me the opportunity to name him, I named him Jagger Bomb! True Story…

Now for the review


For most people, when we think of Whoopi Goldberg, we think of her in a habit singing along to The Supremes and even though I love Sister Act and many people know Goldberg because of it, it occurred to me that I hadn’t really seen her in other films. So, with the inspiration of my lost pet stuffed frog. I thought I’d begin with Whoopi Goldberg as my first Films for Friday project.

At the first look of Jumpin’ Jack Flash (the blurb on the back of the DVD), it is described as being the comedy debut of Goldberg and even though the 80’s comedy may be described by people as a little ‘out-dated.’ I found the humour rather refreshing.

I’m not quite sure if it was when I first saw the penguin slippers (which Pingu would approve of) or if it was when shortly after she gets up covered head to toe in winter gear, I knew this was going to be a film I was going to enjoy.

Whoopi Goldberg plays a very mundane International Bank computer programmer, Terry who appears to have a very warm, loving heart as she slides on her wheely chair from her other co-workers, helping them with chair adjustments and the riddance of a woman doing some-sort of workout programme.

As, a 90s kid, it was so strange seeing computers from the 80s. They were huge grey boxes with black screens and green writing. Sure, I could be writing on a black screen with green writing now if I wanted to… but I’d rather not. It occurs to me now, that maybe only a small amount of people actually knew what a computer was and even a smaller amount on how to use one. So, forgive me when I say, I was surprised that Goldberg could actually talk to people on one. It was a little like how we do now but without the pictures and the emoticons :p. After deciphering the code (which includes a wonderful display of singing and dancing by Ms Goldberg wearing them penguin slippers), she met the mysterious Jack (Jonathan Pryce), a British intelligence agent who had gotten stranded somewhere, maybe Russia, I’m not too sure (nor was Goldberg, thinking about it).

She agrees to help him but was unaware of the dangers she was going to run into which included a telephone box and if you like shiny things; then there’s a scene which involves a wig and a bright, sparkly blue dress which gets shredded. However, she continued to help him nonetheless whilst falling in love with him at the same time.

The film, predictable nonetheless, was a great watch and gave me an insight to life during the 80s in-terms of dress, technology, music and hair cuts! I’d give this film a chance. I know you all deep down would love to see Goldberg singing along to The Rolling Stones wearing Pingu slippers… woops… I mean penguin slippers!

>End Trans


 Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? Let me know and comment them below!


12 thoughts on “Films For Friday: Jumping Jack Flash

  1. I’ve been a mom FOREVER so I have to say, I’ve seen one kid’s movie too many in the recent years. I know I saw Jumpin’ Jack Flash and I remember Whoopi running around some apartment, but that’s it. 😦
    Maybe I’ll see if I can hold it at the library.

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