Reflections #3


Here she comes…

The thing with being at the bottom of the stairs is that I always see her feet first… Wait a minute. No!… Is that what I think it is?… Oh no! It is…

“What’s the matter with you?” She asks me smiling as I finally see her face appear.

You’re wearing them wretched pajama bottoms again.

She looks down.

“What’s wrong with them?”

‘What’s wrong with them?’ she says smirking. What is right with them? First of all they’re pajama bottoms. Secondly, they’re covered in little black and white dogs.

She starts to laugh.

I wish I could laugh at the expense of little black and white cartoon dogs plastered on my behind.

“Oh, but they are!”

What do you mean, ‘they are’? I must remember to turn the volume down on my voice: she can always here me!

She’s laughing again, “Pingu, look down!”

I look down… Oh #@!*


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