Reflections #4


I hate it when she is this close…

“I have to be this close”

Other people don’t need to be this close but you have to be in nose touching distance.

“It’s a tricky thing to do.”

For you it is, yes.

“Well, I can’t exactly do this with my glasses on.”

You hardly do anything with your glasses on.

“Shush, that’s between me and you. If an optician knew, I’d be in trouble. Now, please let me concentrate.”

Fine. Silly woman needs to learn how to put eye liner on properly. I mean I’m sure people don’t need to be this close to put the damn stuff on and I’m sure most people don’t need to use two hands either.

She’s stopped to give me that look again before beginning on the second eye.

“Like I said, it’s tricky.”

Well, it would be if you’re having a conversation with someone. Although, I bet most people can have a conversation with someone while standing next to them putting eye liner on… using one hand by the way. Why are you putting it on anyway?

“I don’t know… because I’m going out, I guess.”

Putting make-up on is such a strange process people do all in the aid of making one’s self look beautiful…


She backs a way from me and does that hair rustling thing that she does.

“You look beautiful Pingu.”

She walks a way… Wait! What…?


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