Films For Friday: The Telephone


It’s Whoopi Goldberg Month!

When I’m not busy saving the world from whatever the world needs saving from… vampires, zombies, robots, giant teddy bears… I like to chillax and watch a movie and this is how I got this idea.


If you’re bored on a Friday night and fancy watching a film or whether you’re stuck in because of a rainy day, Films For Friday is where I will write a review of a film every Friday from a particular actress/actor or director that will change every month.

 The Telephone (1988)

The Telephone (film).jpg

When I was browsing on amazon, looking for Whoopi Goldberg films to do my reviews on. I wasn’t expecting a film like this…

On IMDB, the synopsis states:

A crazy out of work actress, Vashti Blue, spends all her time in her small apartment with her pet owl and her telephone, which she uses to try and solve all her problems with life.

It wasn’t at all what I expected. I know how that sounds… but I don’t mean it in a bad way… Well, atleast, not entirely.

The film takes place entirely in her apartment, minus the beginning couple of minutes where she mentions to a fellow actor that her and her boyfriend had broken up. Whether this explain the crazies that follows, I don’t know. In this apartment where Moby, a pet goldfish that she gets in the bath with (who gets in the bath with a goldfish? Okay, she only put her feet in the bath but you get the drift) and an owl (memory fails me to remember the owl’s name.) It appears to be quite late out and during the film she does mention that she hasn’t sleep for days but during this night in particular (and a part of me believe it happens a lot) she makes numerous of phone calls to different people. Her friend Jen was one she called a number of times and I couldn’t help but wonder if that woman was starting to get a little hacked off. I know I would have.

Despite, the claims of Goldberg taking the director Rip Torn and the producers to court to prevent the film’s release due to its poor quality which she indeed loss and then the film actually receiving a bad reception, I must admit, I did not think the film was hugely terrible. On Whoopi’s part anyway. The idea was good but watching a person having conversations with themselves for a whole 90minutes can be a little tiring. Whoopi’s talent wasn’t easy to acknowledge because of this and it was an awful shame. It is amazing how many accents she can do and some may argue that the accents may have been pretty bad but I’m yet to see anyone do better.

I must admit, I’m unsure whether I’d recommend this film. Maybe some of you would watch it to see how poor it is or some may watch it to help them going to sleep. I’d give Whoopi Goldberg credit though. She done as much as she possibly could with a role like what she played.


Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? Let me know and commentthem below!

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