Films For Friday: Eddie


It’s Whoopi Goldberg Month!

When I’m not busy saving the world from whatever the world needs saving from… vampires, zombies, robots, giant teddy bears… I like to chillax and watch a movie and this is how I got this idea.


If you’re bored on a Friday night and fancy watching a film or whether you’re stuck in because of a rainy day, Films For Friday is where I will write a review of a film every Friday from a particular actress/actor or director that will change every month.

Eddie (1996)

Eddie (1996) Poster

Over here in the Uk, we are more well known for football (soccer) or Rugby and the occasional cricket. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t watch other sports, play them or know stuff about them. I’ve always found basketball rather interesting! Never really understood it but the fascination grew when I started watching One Tree Hill a good 6 years ago! So, when I saw this film prop up in my search, I thought ‘what the hell?’

To begin Goldberg plays Eddie: a limo driver who is a fanatical follower of the New York Knicks. (Just thought I’d mention… Yes, I do like the Knicks). However, in the film, the Knicks were struggling with numerous of losses due to a coach who couldn’t coach and a team that didn’t really care which ultimately led to a loss in ticket sales. (Who wants to watch a team that doesn’t win, right?…). The team gets bought by Wild Bill Burgess (Frank Langella) who on his journey has an argument on the radio with Eddie who (to her unawareness) is driving the limo he is in.

The passion Eddie has for the team becomes clear to him and it is then that Burgess hires her to coach them with the hope that she can regain the Knicks status and get them to the Play-offs. With that she has to gain the respect of the team and the fans who none can except that a woman is taking charge.

After watching this movie, I must admit, I did enjoy it. Although, I do love a good sport’s film so my initial opinion was a little biased. Whoopi wasn’t as funny as she has been in other films. In-fact, Eddie as a character annoyed the hell out of me in the first section of the film… Was a little OTT for my liking.

Overall, it’s great to see some girl power success!


 Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? Let me know and comment them below!

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3 thoughts on “Films For Friday: Eddie

  1. I sadly admit I still haven’t even watched the first Whoopi movie. 😦 I have been so busy the last couple of weeks! Between homework, work, company, Pierre, and my daughter, I totally need a vacation!

    Or a movie night!!!!

    Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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