So, I have been absent a while and I have just noticed that my dear dear friend from across the pond… And yes I mean you Pierre 😉 (Vanessa, you’re a very close second) has nominated me!


The Liebster award is a kind of peer to peer recognition; a way of finding new and up coming bloggers with blogs currently registering 200 followers or under.The blogger who nominates you gives you 11 questions which you must answer and then, in your response, you must nominate another 3-5 blogs who have less than 200 followers and let them know you have nominated them. The 11 blogs you nominate must receive 11 questions from you to answer. Finally you must link back to the person who nominated you.


So Thank you, thank you and many thanks Vanessa!

Below you will see the questions she gave me!


1. What is your favourite book?

Hmm… such a difficult one considering I am a little behind on reading. (Doesn’t sound good for an English student does it?) I had an exam a couple of weeks ago and Luke surprised me with the Hunger Games Trilogy. I know a hell of a lot of people can’t stand the book! But even though I saw the film, I actually enjoyed reading them and it took me only a few days to read them all. (Seriously, I have been lost since I finished them and now I’m resorted back to watching Luke play Fifa in bed.) Fifa is a football game Vanessa… or should I say Soccer just incase you were wondering.

Back to The Hunger Games then… I actually found the book fascinating in terms of themes and the plot it’s self. It does point out some interesting questions. Although, I wish I could have just slapped the girl silly for constantly moaning… I would have loved to have found a way of getting into the book and kissing Peeta myself! Jeez woman!

2. Who is your hero?

Now, I bet you’re all expecting a super hero… Well you are right in some sense and to other it is the silliest of questions to those who know me… My answer is Buffy! And before I get carried a way, I will leave it at that but all I will say is that I have a signed photo of her which faces me when I go to sleep… (Maybe that’s a little too much information!)

3. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world at no cost, where would you go?

Australia… because my dearest friend is over there and I miss her terribly!

4. What are your goals for your blog?

I aspire to become a writer and I’m currently writing my first novel The Raven’s Cry. I hope this blog will help get my name out there and well the practice helps also…

5. Which is better: standard ink pens or gel pens?

Well that is a random question. What is a standard ink pen? Is that the fountain pens? Because I do like them although you can get them bright coloured or even glittery gel pens… but I’m not a school kid no-more.

6. If you could change one moment of your past, what would it be?

Tough question… Would I actually want to change anything in my past because if I did then I’d be completely different wouldn’t I?

7. What is your best feature?

Erm… well… I’d be lying if I said I hated my bosom… Is that even the right word? Fine, I’ll go ahead and say it… I have a pretty good rack! Ugh… hate saying stuff like that but it’s true lol!

8. What is your worst feature?

Hmm… why is it when someone asks me this, I can’t think? Usually, I’m forever complaining about how I look! Well I hate my thighs. I’m short and when I was pregnant, they swelled up pretty back and haven’t shrunk. It’s okay though because I’ve been doing some ballet positions that may help! I hope it helps anyway…

9. What is your favourite memory?

Now, I would love to say when Brooke was born but I just had a c-section and I hate the fact I didn’t get to hold her first lol! Perhaps the day I got with Luke. We  both got our GCSE results that day and him finally asking me out (he got my sister to do it…) was perfect!

10. What question do you wished I would have asked you, but didn’t?

Can I read your book that you’re writing? 😉

11. What question about me do you wish I would have been asked, but wasn’t?

What is your book about? Seriously, you never said!

Now, I’m meant to like pass on this award and get some people to ask questions. I will get back to that lol! I need to read and read and read again and then I’ll do some nominations lol!


One thought on “When I Recieve My 1st Liebster Award

  1. #10 – I will read it after it’s published. I’ll buy about 10 and pass them out to my friends. 🙂
    #11 – You know, I honestly don’t know. I was griping the other day that blogging has taken the place of booking. When I’m back on track, I’ll let you know.
    #3 – I hope you get to Australia soon! A continent is a long way away from a best friend!

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