Reflections #5


Well, it’s been a while but I must admit, I have missed her.

“Not quite sure if I can say the same for you!”

On second thought, perhaps I was happy not to have eye contact with her for a while but now I do; there is something strikingly wrong…

“I know, it’s terrible.”

How could she have let it get so bad? I mean it’s unnecessary. Oh crap, she’s scowling! Don’t scowl at me, you’re only making it worse. Seriously, it’s quite scary… I know it’s Halloween but that is still no excuse.

“I hate Halloween!”

Is that so? You look like you’re ready to dress up as a werewolf… What have I told you about scowling?

She sighs.

“Abi is coming tomorrow. She said she will fix it!”

Lets hope so! I don’t think I have ever seen your eye brows look so bad.

Oh have I missed that smile… menacing as it is… Here comes some try-too-hard-witty comment…

“In this case, I can say the same for you.”

Off she trots until our next encounter…



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