Knock! knock! knock!

Pingu has been knocking on my skull lately. When I go through one of these patches… I become a completely different person… Pingu. So me and her are not making eye contact at the moment… This is really annoying her at the moment and don’t be surprised if she complains about it later.

So even though I don’t sleep much anyway, this morning I have given up.

Luke works at our local hospital and these past few weeks he’s had this awful cold. It is awful because it feels like the world is shaking everytime he coughs! Which leads me to less sleep. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be catching it but nooooooo this morning I feel droopy and blah!

My eyes are aching and I’ve been up for hours but its Okay because as I started to write this post… I had some visitors.

ImageMit-mit, Minnie and princess rabbit walked in!

©Elizabeth Sharrod


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