When Christmas comes and dogs can suffer…


Christmas is a beautiful thing. Whether it be for religious reasons or not… It is a time where families can be together and show their love and gratitude through the exchange of gifts. However, for animals (dogs particularly) it can be a wonderful time or not!

One thing I despise about Christmas is when people buy puppies for their children, partner or any other member of the family and these people forget that these animals are… what is the saying?… oh yes! “is more than just for Christmas.”

You see a few months after a family gets a puppy, the cuteness starts to wear off and children may get bored and parents get tired of looking after them and then sooner or later many many shelters see an even larger increase of dogs being taken to them for re-homing. How stressful that must be for a puppy?!

There are many reasons I can consider that could apply to this… First of all… I would never recommend in buying a dog for a Christmas present! if a person wants a dog so badly, than you can get a dog any time of the year!

If a person does want a dog then (and I can’t stress this enough) DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Oh Yes… you saw it right… DO YOUR RESEARCH!

There are so many beautiful breeds of dogs out there with all different characteristics… some may need walking more than others… some may needs more food… more grooming… etc… But by finding out what certain breeds need, you can get a better understanding of what you’re letting yourself in for. (Also please note… I do know every dog is different and may not be exactly what the words on the kennel club pages say the characteristics are… I have a very lazy Husky!)

I Shall give you an example on my own experience:

4 years ago, my family, Luke and I all chipped in to get me a puppy for my birthday. I wasn’t too sure on the idea because I was afraid we couldn’t afford to look after her. Also, many months earlier, we lost the dog we did have and all confidence in looking after anything (including myself) got lost with it. However, Luke convinced me. He knows that I love dogs in all shapes and sizes and it was my love for these amazing creatures that turned around his opinion on them also. Before he met me, he was afraid of them and wasn’t their biggest fan.

Anyway back to the point…

Thankfully, WE DONE OUR RESEARCH! We looked at breeds we would have liked… Huskies were the smallest breed out of the ones we were considering and I wanted a big dog even though I don’t even reach 5ft! I was aware of their characteristics but this didn’t bother me. It also didn’t bother me that Huskies are on the ‘top 10 most dangerous dog breeds‘ either. It also didn’t bother me that Sasha (the one we picked) peed on my mother the day we went to reserve her!

This is Sasha the day after we got her.

Huskies are becoming one of the breeds that has seen a vast increase in shelters because hey, guess what? PEOPLE DIDN’T DO THEIR RESEARCH! And therefore, were only bought because they have become a ‘fashionable’ statement and the owners couldn’t keep up with their beautiful spirited pups.

This is another thing that bothers me, when people only buy a dog because of how a dog looks…

It is a shame!

Anyway… What I am trying to say is that if a family member of yours wants a dog for Christmas or your considering in buying one then DON’T! Not for Christmas anyway! Instead, wait a while, there will be plenty of pups in the dog shelters and many of them will need a loving home and will also already have their shots! I personally would adopt another Husky if I could afford it. Which leads me on to my next point… make sure you can afford it! Dogs can be expensive with vet bills, food, grooming tools, toys, the many many toys etc. If you have children, make sure you educate them about what having a dog entails. Dogs are extremely unpredictable and children can be unaware of what their actions speak to a puppy.

Nevertheless, dogs are truly wonderful creatures! Especially if one takes the time to teach them, care and love them!

And one day you’ll dog will look like Sasha…

Happily curled up on the sofa!



7 thoughts on “When Christmas comes and dogs can suffer…

  1. I know EXACTLY when you mean. I have 2 rabbits and it’s come to my knowledge over the years that so many parents buy their kids bunnies for Easter! These rabbits end up getting dumped or neglected and it breaks my heart.

    Dogs on Christmas is a very similar occurrence and I feel your concern. It sucks that nothing can really be done to prevent this (except writing about it of course).

    Great post, and gorgeous dog!!!

    • I never knew that about Bunnies! My daughter loves them! and If I could 1) afford one and 2) didn’t have foxes in my back garden then I would buy one! But it breaks my heart that any animal that is bought can get neglected! This includes reptiles too!

      I hope my post will wake up people! A lot of people don’t understand what having a bet actually entails! 🙂

      Thank you so much!

  2. Well said, Lizzee!!
    Sad, but thanks for the tip. One of my retired friends had her elderly Malamute put to sleep over the summer. She wants only a husky this time because that’s the breed she had before the Malamute. They are IMPOSSIBLE to find. Thanks to your tip, I know when to check the pound. Still sad, but an excellent tip.
    Thanks? I guess. 😐
    LOL Sort of…

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