Ice-cream and Doctors


I was a little naughty last night!

Luke and I shared a tub of cookie dough ice-cream. I hadn’t had ice cream in a while and my body was craving something sweet! I can’t resist cookie dough ice-cream! It is just so good!

So while watching Breaking Bad, we tucked into our tub! But afterwards I realised it was a huge mistake! My chest began to ache and I couldn’t help but panic! You’d think I’d be aware of panic attacks but obviously not! I lay there crying my eyes out begging Luke to not let me die!

He was rather frustrated with me. He tried to tell me that it was indigestion and anxiety… He was particularly annoyed because I hadn’t seen my doctor in weeks and therefore wasn’t taking any tablets! (my bad)

So this morning, I called my dad to book me an appointment as I hadn’t got the doctor’s number on my phone plus I don’t do well on the phone.

11am I sat in a waiting room which was, at first, very quiet but suddenly became very busy and crowded. I hated it and I was so relieved when my name got called! My doctor’s surgery had recently had some work done! Everything had changed and I felt like I was in a white maze searching for room 3. My doctor was nice! I was worried it was going to be the other female doctor who has this tendency to stare at my chest and I was in no mood to sit there and smIle while in the presence of someone with ‘boob envy’ (as Luke calls it).

It was the other one! Thank goodness!

I told her what was wrong and guess what… It was indigestion mixed with my GAD monster! (Damn Luke for being right! I hate it when he’s right!)

I asked for some more meds which she said “I obviously need”. While I was there I also asked if we could re-evaluate my weight!


I knew I had lost weight but having a doctor confirm it makes it that much more worthwhile! She was very pleased! Being as small as I am *cough* 4 foot 10 *cough*, your weight must be tiny!

Before I was pregnant I was a size 8 (size 4 in USA, I believe) and I was moaning about that at the time but now I wish I could get back to that size again! I see pictures of myself and I think ‘Why was I moaning for?’ (this is usually followed by an ‘I-told-you-so’ by Luke).

So… a dreaded morning going to the doctors all over a tub of ice-cream has confirmed that I have indeed lost weight and I am VERY happy about that!


17 thoughts on “Ice-cream and Doctors

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