High and Mighty


A brilliant idea came into my head last night! And, although, I was tempted to perhaps use it as another novel I could be writing, I thought maybe I should have a whack of writing it here. So here goes…

What’s happening? 

Soon, the dark and dingy room stained brown from vomit, alcohol, urine and god knows what else was starting to disappear and a carpet of bright green grass took its place.

All of the lifeless bodies in the room were beginning to disappear too and in their places, trees and flowers sprouted quicker than any weed I have ever known or seen. As the trees grew, branches also began to sprout out in all directions with bright green leaves at the end of them.

I looked up to watch this miracle happen and I noticed the ceiling had gone too! That ceiling that was covered in damp and mould was suddenly a perfect shade of blue with a golden globe, which I assume is the Sun, was shining down on me.

Is this heaven? Surely, it must be… It couldn’t possibly be hell, there are no flames, no man in red with a tail and horns.

A cool breeze washed over my face and I closed my eyes to take it all in with the Sun shining on my face, heating it a comforting way.

Whatever this place was, it surely must be like Heaven.

My ears began to fill with sweet whistling, singing a beautiful harmony. I opened my eyes and saw that the tree I was watching had suddenly got a nest where a family of blue jays were living and singing happily.

All around me, there was a rainbow of flowers, all smelling differently. I noticed a bumble bee gently dancing over a daisy and then suddenly I see something amongst the flowers and it wasn’t the only one.

Many pairs of eyes were watching me. My heart began to pound. I thought I was alone, I’m sure I saw all of them bodies disappear.

A large pair of chocolate button eyes started to get nearer towards me. It was moving hesitantly, I believed that it was best that I didn’t move. I kept still like a statue and observed this creature slowly come closer.

It was large and had snow white fur with a hint of gold glistening in the Sun. It’s ears flopped gently beside his skull where a twitching nose took centre.

It was a Rabbit.

The Rabbit hopped towards me. It was still hesitant and I wish not to scare if further but I reached my hand out anyway. It jumped back at first but after staring into my eyes, it must have known within my soul that I wasn’t going to hurt it. It hopped forwards once more and to my surprise it placed it’s paw on my hand as if greeting me somehow.

It’s paw was soft like touching a blanket covered in cotton wool. I gently started to stroke it’s paw with my thumb and after a few moments it removed it’s paw and done something even stranger…

It lowered it’s head almost like it was bowing before me. Suddenly the other pairs of eyes started to hop forward. Rabbits of all different colours and sizes formed a semi-circle before my feet and like the first Rabbit, began to bow.

The white Rabbit lifted it’s head again and looked at me. Things possibly couldn’t get any weirder until…

“Your Majesty,” the white Rabbit said. It’s voice sounded low with authority and I couldn’t help but think that this Rabbit is a ‘he’, “Welcome Home”


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