Last week I posted how I had lost more than half a stone since my last doctors appointment where they actually checked my weight 3 months ago. (If you haven’t read it then click here). Because, I am ‘so tiny’ (as my doctor kindly puts it), I also need to be very tiny in weight. Some part of me believes she doesn’t take my womanliness of which is my bosom into consideration. (Perhaps she has some boob envy after all). Therefore, I was told that it is dangerous to be on the contraceptive pill… Honestly, I am not too sure if I care too much about that but being someone who is totally obsessed with the way they look, you could imagine it made me feel much lower than I already was feeling.

I was the heaviest I had ever been… I knew I had put on weight, the fact I could barely get a size 10 pair of jeans passed my thighs was enough to tell me that but I ignored it and since, I have been living in a mixture of jogging bottoms, PJs and jeggings. It is possible that I may not ever feel comfortable in a pair of jeans again after having an emergency c-section with Brooke but maybe with some determination, I could rid of that dreaded thing many women call ‘a mother’s apron.’ You can imagine, someone who used to have a flat tummy isn’t very happy with it! 
So… I decided that sitting here moaning about being ‘fat’ isn’t going to help! I thought I’d target a section and see how it goes.
I chose to target my arms!
I asked my best friend (google) how one could lose weight off their arms? I used to frequently do exercises for my arms before I got pregnant but I hadn’t done any since so I needed to get some information. Thankfully, we have loads and loads of dumbbells! (Luke was obsessed with body building… but we shall get to that.) I done 15 minutes at least every day with 3.5kg dumbbells and I started that 3 weeks ago and I have already noticed a BIG difference. I did many exercises that target the many muscles in your arms without building them too much. Weight training also kick starts your metabolism and now my arms look a lot slimmer than they did 3 weeks ago! (I should have taken a before and after picture but no I did not so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.) I also noticed that my beautiful collar bone was beginning to make a more striking appearance. I don’t know why I like seeing that part of me so much! But seeing it was beginning to make Pingu and I have more eye contact!
I also started doing some beginner ballet positions that help slim and tone your legs! I hadn’t stuck to that as much as I could so I haven’t really noticed much of a difference there but I started it again yesterday so I may go back to that.
Seeing me work out every day, Luke was beginning to feel a little motivated. You see, some members of Luke’s family (including his mom and nan) have a hereditary disease called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and Luke’s legs have become very weak over the past few years (he is only 22) to the point he has to crawl up the stairs and needs to have support to get up off the floor. Before I got pregnant, he had tests done to see whether he has it. They said that his chances of having it was at 60% due to him having no reflexes. After this, he felt that there was no point in working out because if he were to have this disease than his muscles would waste a way anyway. Research suggests that weight training actually slows the process down and I told him this but I guess he was being ‘proud’. He also felt that if he did train then the weights he did have would be ‘too easy’ and weren’t going to make any difference even though I explained that he wouldn’t see a difference over night but in time would feel the benefits. (He didn’t listen, he probably fell asleep at this point due to my rambling). But seeing me work out, he decided to get a heavier bar and start training again. With all the weights he has got (including the weight of the bar itself), he now has a maximum of 43Kg which he has been doing reps of various exercises. I can dead-lift it once but that’s about it! 
I read that mixing the exercises you do also helps so I have been doing a little with the bar too (see below). But with only 1.25Kg on either end. So, I have been lifting 12.5Kg! It is tough but I guess it does help!
It is heavier than it looks!
It is heavier than it looks!
With the mixture of doing these exercises as well as drinking plenty of water and not eating after 7. pm (I admit we used to do that a lot), the weight seems to be slowly going.
I have seen many people mention (on Facebook) that they have lost half a stone in just two weeks and that was making me feel a little rubbish and I had been neglecting my exercises a little but I’m boosting it back up again!
My dog is currently in season at the moment and as soon as she comes out of it, I shall be walking her! I haven’t been because I have been anxious but not only does exercise do wonders for anxiety and depression so do animals and I know that no-one will come near me with Sasha! 
So, lets see whether another 3 weeks of a stricter approach to exercise and food intake will rid of another half a stone!
After all, If I’m going to fight this daemon within me, I must get fit enough to do it and hopefully slay it for good!

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