High and Mighty #2



The white rabbit with streaks that shun like thing glittery strips of gold looked up at me with confused eyes, “Yes, Your Majesty. This is your home: where you belong.”

Where I belong is back on that dirty brown floor.

“I don’t understand,” I said as I crossed my legs and began to pick at the grass where I was sitting.

The colony of rabbits began to whisper panicky amongst themselves as I continue to pick at the blades of grass and rip each one into shreds.

“Calm down everyone,” the White Rabbit said, attempting to ease them, “Your Highness is unaware of the truths of our kingdom. Leave now and I will greet you all once more at dinner.”

I dare not look up. The many sighs from the colony suggested that were a little disheartened by this order but since they all began to hop a way. It occurred to me that this White Rabbit was of some significance.

“Seems like you should be this ‘majesty’ you speak of” I said, continuing to rip the blades of grass adding to a small pile.

“Don’t be foolish!” the White Rabbit snapped. I looked up and saw his eyes had narrowed. It was obvious he was angry with me and I could not help myself but laugh.

“What is it you are finding so humorous?” clearly my laughter just added to his frustration. Perhaps I should attempt to contain myself.

“It’s just…” I began, pausing to swallow another burst of laughter, “I have never seen a rabbit angry before.” I bite my bottom lip to hold any more outbursts and his one eye seemed to rise slightly. He hopped a little closer to me without muttering a word. He persisted in silence.

Thank God, this is making it much easier to contain my laughter.

He was hoping almost like how a human would pace in front of me, “It appears there is much I must teach you” he said and I was sure that when he muttered this he could have been wearing a pair of spectacles and a waste coat just like the White rabbit in Alice in Wonderland… Is this where I am, Wonderland?

“You told me this is my home…

“That is correct!” he said whilst continuing to pace.

“Where is home exactly?”

The White Rabbit paused, “Lagotopia” he said bluntly suggesting that this was something I should know and the fact I didn’t, was nothing more than an offence to him.

“Come with me..” he said, “If you’re going to be our leader, I must inform you of our way of life.”

He wasn’t at all impressed. I guess he was expecting someone a little more qualified for this position.

I stood up and brushed off the extent of my grass ripping and began to follow him, leading to what could possibly be a rabbit hole I may never be able to escape out of.


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