After reading a post by my dear friend Vanessa back in FarFetchedFriendsLand… or Phoenix, it got me thinking about a few things.

I won’t go into too much detail because quite frankly you can read it for yourself but basically she explained that she has always considered herself as a Martha. To explain further, I am going to go a little Biblical…

In the Bible, (Luke 10: 38-42) there is a story where two sisters Martha and Mary had Jesus over. Martha became the ultimate hostess where she catered to Jesus’ needs. Mary on the other hand, actually sat with Jesus and had some well-earned ‘face time’ which Martha (I assume) didn’t get much of or none at all.

Vanessa explained that perhaps she could be a bit more ‘Mary’ and engage with her guests.

My Mom is a born again Christian and I don’t recall ever hearing this story which I can only assume is the reason why I am the worst hostess ever to have existed.

I couldn’t help but picture Vanessa as Monica from Friends as I was reading it although there are many differences between them and I knew that I was clearly nothing like Monica. I mean I can be extremely untidy sometimes and I know this can irritate Luke sometimes. So that left me two other choices. Phoebe or Rachel.

I must admit, I can be a little ditsy like Phoebe and I am forever singing but not usually in front of people which is strange because I believe I sound pretty good (if I do say so myself).

But I believe I perhaps am a little spoilt! I’m used to being treated like a princess. My dad always done things for me even if it were easier for me to just do it myself. Luke (the silly man he is) done the exact same! From day one, he was catering to my every need where I didn’t even ask him to.

This can be witnessed when we have guests over. “Luke…. can I have this please?” “Luke… have you done Billy Joe Bloggs a drink?” I honestly think he is beginning to get sick of his name!

Here, I am left to have valuable ‘face time’ with my friends by kicking Luke out to do some chore that gives us an opportunity to talk in private.

I’m not that bad though, I have started to make people cups of tea!

Everyone except myself and Luke though for that matter!

So where Vanessa explains that she needs to be more ‘Mary,’ I need to be more ‘Martha’ or in this case ‘Monica.’


11 thoughts on “My Name is Lizzee and I am ‘Rachel’

  1. Oh that is HILARIOUS! I’m laughing so much my eyes are watering. I am soooooo Monica! Not only with the cleaning, but with the controlling and planning and Type A-ness and stiffness. Girl, you pegged me! LOL
    So if you’re good at being Mary, when I grow up I want to be just like you…my inspirational little sister!

  2. Oh yeah…and the blaming your mom for not telling you that Bible story and that’s why you’re not-the-best hostess. SUCH a good daughter response! Don’t we all blame our parents for everything? Seriously, I know you meant it in jest, but it was just PERFECT!!!

    1. LOL I left my phone for fifteen minutes watching Uma Thurman in ‘My Super X Girlfriend’… Fifteen minutes and my blog has bombarded by not one… Not two but three comments from you Mon… I mean Vanessa ;)! Lol… I couldn’t help myself ahaaa!

      Lol I must have a talent somewhere :)! Don’t worry… Everytime I watch Friends now and Monica goes on a cleaning ferenzie, I’ll think of you lol

  3. Reblogged this on Farfetched Friends and commented:
    You guys know I never reblog anything…I have only once.
    Well, today is a new day!!!
    I have told you before about Lizzee and her awesome blog. In this post, she replies to my On Being Martha post and accurately calls me out for being the ultimate “Martha” – Monica from friends.
    Oh, I love my little Lizzee…but that hurts.
    Read it…then go follow her. All her writing is just this great. 😀

  4. I’m probably Ross, a girl Ross. lol
    Back on the guests thing, coming from a traditional home, it is a part of my upbringing to care for guests: make tea, food..etc. It is considered very impolite to let a guest leave without at least a cup of tea in my town. So it does somehow have to do with families and the way your were raised 🙂

    1. Lol! I am one to believe that I am rather polite. I’m always saying thank you and please and all that polite etiquette! I’m just a little selfish sometimes and used to those people who do do things for me! I mean, I have had friends come over and do me a drink? :O! (What’s up with that?) I am terrible but I am getting better! 🙂 I’ve started making cups of tea for people as soon as they walk in the door. I am like “want a cup of tea?” before I forget!

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