Today is Thursday 28 2013 and for many people it is the day where they give thanks! We don’t really celebrate it here in the UK. I guess it might be nice to have a day where we do ‘give thanks’ and celebrate it with our friends and families. For me, it just means another day with turkey!

So, my post is going to be different from all the ‘Thanksgiving’ blog posts that may or may not have bombarded your ‘readers’ today… But, before I begin there is one thing I would like to do.


Now that’s out-of-the-way, I shall continue. In all fairness, I am feeling rather thankful and in what I can assume is ‘Thanksgiving tradition’ I am going to pretend I’m about to tuck into some giant golden turkey and tell you all what I am thankful for…

Are you ready?


Today, I am feeling very thankful for Paris!

No, not that Paris!

Another Paris… A Paris who is a little more human…

A Paris who is my hairdresser!

I can almost hear your silverware hit the floor in complete and utter shock!


You may pick up your silverware now… ensure you clean them or get a new set!

Yesterday, I did warn you that sometimes I can be a little like Rachel Green from FriendsI guess I forgot to mention that I can be a little self absorbed sometimes… I joke! Seriously, I only get my hair done every so often! Every three months or so. I have had so many hairdressers and I have left them because I have found they didn’t do a good enough job! I feel like I need to explain myself… I will give you an example.

When I got pregnant with Brooke, I went hyper crazy with all the dos and do nots with pregnancy which included not dying your hair after the first trimester. I had my hair dyed dark so I didn’t have to worry about roots down to my ankles by the time she was born and I was able to dye my hair again. I did do hairdressing at college so I know the basics and I also am aware of the protocols such as certain law regulations containing customer’s details and such. After Brooke was born, I went to the hairdressers: one that is near where my Mom lives and I hated going there. I always felt awkward as the stylists wouldn’t talk to me and well my GAD monster probably didn’t help the situation. I couldn’t wait to go back blonde again! When I went brunette for them long 9 months, I hated it! There isn’t even one picture of me! Okay there is one…

Taken after Brooke was born! Luke is sun burnt and looks a little feminine! I look awful!

So, I go back and they put the blonde tint on my hair. I know what one it is because I had friends dye it for me when I was doing hairdressing! Anyway, I sat there as it ‘cooked,’ I had it washed out by the worst ever experience of having one’s hair washed. Seriously, who would want a short bloke’s hairy armpits in their face while they’re washing your hair and had breath that reeked of cigarettes? (I thought he was kind of HOT until that point.)

Yet, when he was finished, it turned out that only my roots were blonde! The reason was because the silly hairdresser didn’t check my customer record to see that the colour on my hair was in fact a tint not my natural hair colour!

I wasn’t impressed! It is either a hairdresser doesn’t dye my hair properly or they cut it not to my liking and I’m too polite to turn around and say “can you cut a little more off please?” Sure if it was Luke cutting it, then I would…!

After that I thought to myself, “why go all the way to Redditch to have my hair done when I have a whole street full of salons around the corner from me? (Redditch is about half an hour’s drive a way from me if you’re wondering.) I decided to go to the one which I remember going to when I was 14 and had my hair highlighted for the first time. That wasn’t a good experience for me either because 1) I have the thickest hair ever and 2) they used a highlighting cap which turned out to be painful when removing it!

But that was what… 8 years ago? Yes, but one must always give out second chances. I am much wiser now than I was back then… No, I really am!

The stylist I got was Paris and she is lovely and the salon where she works is the only salon I have been to by myself. She doesn’t make me feel awkward, she actually talks to you and spends ages on my hair, ensuring it is perfect! I am deeply saddened that she is leaving next week to become a barber at another salon! Therefore, I am now in search of a new stylist! I may try her fellow colleague that she recommended… but at the moment, no one compares to Paris’ professionalism!

Ugh, I sound like a right Barbie now don’t I?

But yes, while all of you are waking up to prepare your Thanksgiving meals, I am sitting in a salon getting my hair re-blonded! I wouldn’t have minded some turkey though while I waited! However, I did cook us a cottage pie! (And no I didn’t take a picture)

Speaking of pictures… I bet you all would love to see a picture of my new hair do, yes? no? Well you’re in luck because I have taken one especially for all of you! (If you said no then that’s tough I’m afraid). But you’ll have to wait till the very end… STOP! No scrolling! That’s cheating and you’ll ruin the surprise!

So there you go folks, there is my Thanksgiving thankful appreciation (whatever you call it) that I have shared with all of you! I mean seriously, did you really expect me to say “I am thankful for my family and friends?” Oh wait you did!

Well, I am very much thankful for my family and friends. Luke, my wonderful boyfriend who caters to my every need. My daughter Brooke who I cater for! My Mom and Dad for being well my Mom and Dad. I am thankful for my Husky because, I’d be a fool if I wasn’t thankful for her. I am also thankful for my wonderful cooking skills… Yes, I cook! I am thankful for Kaley Cuoco for having the same birthday as me! Ohhh, which would mean I am thankful for my friends for taking the time out of their busy live’s to celebrate my birthday with me in two days time. I am thankful for my ancestors for living here so that I could have the privilege of living down the road from Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory! Need I say more? I do? No… I have said quite enough!

But before you go and you all took into whatever you guys have for dessert…(Pumpkin Pie perhaps?), I will leave you with the photo I took…


Quite fetching if I do say so myself, don’t you agree Pingu?


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