I have re-established a friendship with a girl I went to school with. There were many times I would have called her a best friend and she was up until we picked completely different GCSE options and we began to drift a little. Nevertheless for some strange reason, she decided to get back in contact with me. It has been nice seeing her again. She is the type of person who doesn’t take things very seriously and in all honesty, it has helped me do the same as I am the type of person to take everything so seriously…

This is where the gullibility comes in…

When you speak to a friend you hadn’t seen in a while, it is not hard to suddenly drift into a reminiscing wind of stories… There were many my friend told me that I hoped she wouldn’t remember (especially when she doesn’t remember much). There was some things that I know were extremely embarrassing experiences for me back then but now I can laugh about it but the one thing I found hard to listen to was when she reminded me of how gullible I used to be.

She told me how many of our friends (including herself) would make up stuff to see whether I would believe it. Of course I did and I wouldn’t find out that it was all a bunch of lies till very later on… I admit, it didn’t annoy me too much. In-fact now I could safely say I would thank them for it.

Because now I am no-where near as being gullible as I once was.

I am the complete opposite!

I don’t believe anything people tell me which I guess could be a good or a bad thing…

As a bad thing, I don’t believe the things a person would be expected to believe… For example, I still don’t believe Luke when he tells me he loves me! I don’t believe people who claim to be my friend (which I have learnt can be a little offensive sometimes). I didn’t even believe my friend when she told me she would come out for my birthday even though she booked work off for it… even though she kept reassuring me that she would come out… I didn’t believe she would come out up until the point she was sitting next to me in the pub. If someone tells me a story, I’m like “really?” while pulling a face as if to say “don’t BS me.” Seriously, I am far from being gullible now… What is the opposite to gullible anyway?
Sceptical? Cynical? I guess I could be called any of these things now…
I don’t believe the idiots who calls to say my computer has a virus and want me to download some software (which is used for them to steal my bank details.) I wouldn’t believe a person is who they say they are unless they had some form of ID! Heck, I hardly believe it is Pingu staring at me when I look into the mirror!
What I am trying to say is that those who played on my gullibility done me a big favour! I was too gullible and too naive and it got me into all sorts of trouble when I was young.
Back then, if someone told me pigs could fly, I’d believe them… Now… I don’t believe anything anyone tells me unless the day I actually see a pig fly.



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