If you haven’t watched any of Breaking Bad but wish to or haven’t seen the ending then I advise you to stop reading right now… that’s it… just stop! 

If not then I will not be held responsible for ruining the ending for you!

Anyway… Breaking Bad!

About a month ago Luke and I switched from Lovefilm to Netflix since we enjoy watching box sets and films on our Xbox in bed and Lovefilm wasn’t for-filling them needs! (That’s if he’s not playing Fifa with our friends or more recently GTA which I unknowingly bought for him.)

I had heard many comments about Breaking Bad, believing that it was something I would personally enjoy and that it was worth watching but the question remains, did I agree?

The answer is no! I absolutely hated it (at first anyway). Don’t get me wrong there were some good points like the ending for example. And no, I didn’t like it because he died!

Overall, the general story was pretty decent… A man is dying from cancer and believes it is his right; his duty as a man to provide for his family and a way of achieving the amount of money required quickly, is to either rob a bank or cook up some meth! It had the makings of a great story but there were many elements about it that I didn’t like and some I thought were amazing and here I will give MY opinion of ‘AMC’s critically-acclaimed television series.’

So what could I possibly hate about this television programme? A programme with numerous awards including 8 Primetime Emmy Awards!

Well, let start off with something simple, shall we?

Perhaps the leading man himself?

Him! Walter White! Heisenberg! The Ass-hole! I really did not like him one bit. He annoyed me from the very beginning which could only mean one thing… Brian Cranston did a fantastic job at portraying him! (Well someone who had won the Emmy Award for outstanding Lead Actor in a drama series not once… not twice but three times consecutively then I’d be a fool to believe he was rubbish). I would also like to mention that I actually couldn’t stand many of the characters. Except Jesse (although there were times I wished he would just punch Mr White in the face…)

Except for the few times he did!

He even had a gun pointed at his head at one point…

And I’m lying there screaming Jesse’s famous phrase “YEAHHH BITCH!”

Okay, no I didn’t but I sure as heck felt like saying it!

So Aaron Paul won me over there but let’s get back to the reasons why I hate his “partner…”

Mr White was greedy and too proud and okay, I know, that was the actual point of the programme in the first place and hey there’s nothing wrong with being a little greedy now and then… I mean someone who has a million dollars would probably less likely to say no to another million. Jesse tried a few times… but Mr White’s manipulative ability always won him over… He managed to aid Jesse in killing people… Not only was he manipulating Jesse and lying to him but he was also lying to his wife…

His Wife… Skyler…

I must admit, even her name irritated me but I am no Katie Hopkins!

Now like her on-screen husband, Anna Gunn also won a Prime-time Emmy Award so she must have done a pretty descent job! Well, she must have… because I couldn’t stand her either! First of all she was this whiny, bossy woman who just happened to be pregnant… as the show went on and she found out about her husband’s cooking habits she began to go a little “off-the-rails”… the picture above only named a few… but watching I honestly wanted her to just leave the guy but it turned out, she didn’t and even helped him turn his money “legal” (that’s if she wasn’t giving it all to Ted, who ex-boss/ex-lover all the money)… quite clearly, no wonder Walter needed to cook meth to feel like a man… she obviously wore the trousers in that “relationship.”

Despite, Mr and Mrs White there and the other characters that annoyed me… well… Skyler’s sister and brother-in-law mainly, it was clear that the creator, Vince Gilligan, done well with the task of this show and even though there were some episodes that were extremely slow and pretty much action-less, it did set the plot in motion.

I bet you were all beginning to think that I had nothing nice to say about it…

But I have more… Yes, there is more…

First of all, I couldn’t get enough of the title sequence and being overly obsessed with analysing television programmes and films because the media student within me needs to get her fix somehow… The title sequence has to be the best I have seen in a very long time!

There’s a link to see it if you hadn’t already!

Now, like any media student would know, the title sequence is important in setting the scene for the show’s audience. This sequence does everything! First of all, the background music (or non-diegetic for all you media geeks) has a southern feel to it and is reinforced by faint bird whistling near the end of the sequence… Of course, the show is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the music did a wonderful job is supporting that concept! There is also no denying the periodic table with Br and Ba spelling out the show’s name was brilliant at giving the audience an incline to that it was about something sciency and the smoke at the end, possibly resembling the smoke of meth when being “smoked”, was truly awesome at adding the show’s theme of drugs into the equation…(see what I did there…)
Puns a-side and I know I have made a few, the show was good and it improved immensely as the series progressed… I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it as much as other shows I have watched… Some parts were too boring for me and well I couldn’t help but wish that Jesse had punched Mr White a few more times…
I couldn’t help but not like the programme, there were many times where Luke would tell me to shut up because I was moaning too much but by sticking with the show just to see the finale was worth it! I loved the final episode! And again no it is not because Walter died… Okay, maybe a little… 
But for all you hardcore Breaking Bad fans, I guess I could leave you with a little something for you to help you ‘remember his name’
Are you ready?
Because everyone loves a man in white pants, right?

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad

  1. I never did watch it because I just couldn’t handle one more addiction. Thanks for the spoiler! No one at work would talk about it so I’m glad to finally know what happened! (Yeah, yeah…I’m sure I could have looked it up online, but since it wasn’t important to me…)

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