For many people the sense of touch brings back wonderful memories and sometimes even the worst ones. 

For me, I love stroking my dog‘s fur! There’s something warm and comforting about stroking my husky’s beautiful snow-white fur. Dog experts will also tell you that a dog being stroked can make them feel good too! So, the next time your dog nuzzles at your hand, trying to get its snout under your palm, then it’s because it wants to feel your touch as well as making you feel happy too.

A part from that, I have never really thought about the touch sense a part from that I absolutely can not stand being touched!

I can do hugs! In-fact I love hugs but apart from that, any unnecessary touching, makes me shudder and flinch and I’m left to thinking “why the heck are you touching me?” I am not joking, I tend to freeze and I leave the ‘toucher’ a very blank expression.

I’m unsure why I dislike being touched so much! Perhaps, it was due to ‘the incident’ but I am pretty sure that I hated being touched before then too… Honestly, I haven’t got a clue but I know that I for one, can not stand it.

I won’t even let Luke touch me most of the time… especially if we’re out in public.. I don’t do public affection either and the thought of displaying my affection towards Luke in public makes me feel a little uncomfortable… I shouldn’t have to prove my love for him to him or anyone else, right? Unless, there’s a special occasion… like an anniversary perhaps or a birthday?

Honestly, except Luke, there are only a few people I can stand a sympathetic hand on the shoulder or a jokey poke of a finger in my ribs or my hair being played with… My sister, her son (my nephew) who is only 10 months older than Brooke and of course Brooke… I can’t stand my Mom or Dad touching me either… I don’t know why. I assume it’s because they lacked in giving affection in that department and feeling neglected and unsafe because of my parents never being around, leaving me and my sister to fend for ourselves most of the time, is the reason. My Mom tries really hard now though, bless her, but it’s a feeling that I don’t think can be repaired easily and my Dad is terrible at being comforting. I mean, we always kiss hello and goodbye but that’s about it. The only time, I remember my Dad really cuddling me was when I broke up with some guy and recently when I told him about ‘the incident.’

Nevertheless, I do love them dearly.

So you see, I can’t really give an example of where the touch of something brings back wonderful memories… Except Sasha’s fur which reminds me of the day we got her and that she would lay with me on the chair all day while Luke was at work as I read Stephanie Meyers Twilight sagaI couldn’t do it now though, she’s way too big!

I remember when Brooke was only a tiny little baby and she would lay on my chest all day, every day, just sleeping.  I don’t think Sasha liked that she had been replaced in this way!

I also love the feel of water splashing on my skin.. even the rain! I love the rain!

But there you are, the power of touch or in my case, the lack of it!


3 thoughts on “The Power of Touch; or lack of

  1. I’m the same way – don’t touch me.
    I learned about it in one of my Communications classes at college. There are “touch me” and “don’t touch me” societies. I don’t remember what the UK is, but the US is “don’t touch me” so I’m happy to live here. I would never live in a “touch me” society!

    1. What is a ‘touch me’ society? I hope the UK isn’t one!
      Yet, people have always seemed to not touch me anyway… I must give out a “do-not-touch-me” vibe. I remember in school and my friends would do things that I found weird like smacking each other’s bums… 😐 ( I don’t get it) anyway thankfully, they never did it to me!

      1. It was a while back, but I want to say parts of S. America and Asia.
        I give off the vibe, too. Nothing wrong with that.
        Oh I would go all kinds of crazy if my friends did that. LOL. No touchy!

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