Well that is something clearly not new there!

I am always unsure about something…

Luke just walks in and sees me eyeing up my stats… I will not lie to you as I for one am not fond of lying… like any superhero would tell you, lies are bad… unless it’s to confuse our enemies! Talking of enemies, me: your favourite superhero (I know, I need a name! Even the sidekick has one) has a new nemesis but we’ll get back to him…

So, Luke, the nosey man that he is (and he is rather nosey) comes in and sees me eyeing up my stats (I feel like I am repeating myself)… I will not lie (I’m sure I just said that somewhere…) they could be a little better!

Luke on the other hand, thinks they’re pretty good…


Me: I am unsure what to write about…

Luke: How about you write about being lost in the virtual world of gaming and how it makes you feel…


Yes, I did just ask him to repeat that!

Before you all wonder, yes he is a little obsessed with gaming and like any games designer student, then I guess it is good that games is all he talks about… That… and Bayern Munich… and his undying love for Bruce Lee

and Lukas Podolski

This got me thinking… and made me think of a interesting conversation I had with my fellow super heroes that I had yesterday… I found out some very important information too… and my story begins with a game…

Not just any game…

But a game that many girlfriends moan about when the new edition comes outs every year… This games, for us Brits anyway is none other than Fifa… in particularly Fifa 14…

Now despite my many moans about this game and Luke’s none stop playing it… I sometimes, get involved in the football action… since I’m the one who liked football in the first place…

It came to my attention that my fellow superheroes has put a ban on me playing Fifa due to me getting rather frustrated with it, and maybe once or twice… I actually used my super strength to break a controller or two…

I had no idea who banned me but in a recent conversation, I found out who it was and I was surprised!


After reading this, I realised that it was none other than CAPTAIN AWESOME who had initiated the ban (and this is where I tell you how I feel, right?) Well, I’ll tell you how I feel… I feel betrayed! Betrayed by my trusty friend!

Captain Awesome has now gone from friend to foe and I must defeat him! How? I hear you ask… Well, I’ll tell you… I shall defeat him next Saturday in the Fifa tournament!

So, I invite you all to witness my week of immense training in preparation of this task! My first ever superhero fight and sadly it must be against my friend…

Captain Awesome, consider yourself warned!


8 thoughts on “I am unsure…

  1. Love it! That’s how my sons were with the American Fifa version – American football, of course. Was it Madden? Gosh. The boys have been gone so long I don’t even remember the name! I do, however, always hear the songtrack in the back of my mind. I’ll be humming it in 50 years in the nursing home!

    1. I bet you hear that man’s voice going ” EA Sports… It’s in the game” too!
      Madden! Yes that would be correct Miss Vanessa! I am shocked you had to think about this! I have gotten into NFL lately when we had got Sky Sports (cus of Luke’s demand in watching Bayern Munich on the tele but actually didn’t so I used to drool… I mean… watch Randy Orton while he was at work)… He recently got rid of Sky Sports because “he” wasn’t using it! Pftttt… Now, I guess I’ll have to look on the internet…

      1. Oh goodness yes, the announcer! Sorry! I had to think about it because the older boys have been gone a few years and the youngest was hooked on zombies before he left.
        LOL. Sounds like Luke was wise to get rid of some of those eye candy games. 😉

      2. Another zombie fanatic eh? :o! I wonder what will be next… there was a vampire craze, a zombie craze… i’m thinking gangs now but that’s because it would go in my favour lol!

      3. Yes. Him and his constant new maps. Then he and my son would link up online from Arizona to California. They had the headsets and everything. I’d listen to them cussing out people for doing stupid stuff. “Man that guy in Hong Kong doesn’t know @$%!# he’s doing.” I’m like “Hey! Keep it nice! What if he can trace you to your IP address????!!!!” 😀

  2. Whose Him… I’m confused!!!
    I shall have to video Luke one day playing with his brother and our friends… I hear then through the Tele so I can be part of the conversation lol and they kept saying the C word!!! So when Luke walked out the room… I shot them lol!!! Violence doesn’t solve anything! SuperSam got me back 3 times lol

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