I’ve been putting up a brave face these passed few weeks… I am unsure whether you guys had noticed but if not then my saying so is enough proof…

I have been hinting that me and Pingu are not seeing eye to eye at the moment… That’s because whenever I feel like this, I tend to put all of the blame on her. I know, I know it is not her fault… it is not mine either but sometimes it is just easier to put the blame on someone or something…

If I look at her, she will creep up and she can be really nasty sometimes… a little blunt… a little bitchy and rather stubborn… She also very much despises Luke and she tends to make it perfectly clear when she pops up…

Anyway, I just put Brooke to bed and I was thinking on what I should post today. I have been meaning to write my review on Rain Man which Luke and I watched the weekend but then I realised something…

I hadn’t sung in ages!

I am always singing when I am in a “good-state-of-mind”. Usually, I’ll sit here at my desk writing to you guys and I’m singing to whatever song randomly pops up on my spotify account… Lately it has been Don Broco… well that’s the first artist I click anyway whatever follows is left to the Gods of Spotify shuffle and whatever is in my starred folder, hoping (and sometimes praying) that a song doesn’t prop up that my darling sister hasn’t starred without my knowing of… She added a one Miley Cyrus the once and I was NOT happy!

So to clarify, this is how I know that the monster is creeping out… Okay, so the monster has came out a little but I thought if I don’t do something soon then I’ll be back in that horrible dark cellar of a place again… I don’t particularly want to be there even if I do prefer the dark.

Now I guess there are many ways I could go ahead of putting the monster back into hibernation for (hopefully) longer than a month this time! One way to achieve this is to clean… I done that yesterday and there is something rather therapeutic about cleaning but cleaning isn’t really me is it?
I tried playing with Sasha a.k.a Snowdust but after a few fetches, she gets bored and lies down…It’s not what you would expect for a Husky, I know.
Usually, I go on a Friends rampage and watch the beloved series over and over again on Comedy Central but I can’t deny Brooke of her Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Club House, Sofia the First and Curious George… Curious George especially! She goes all kinds of crazy ape if you disrupt her while watching that!
I tried playing Assassin’s Creed Black Flag last night but I played Assassin’s Creed 3 the last time this happened and remembering that, made it worse.
I gave up and had a long bath… a much longer one than I anticipated because Luke came home from work and started rambling on about something… So much for a relaxing bath…
I thought we could watch a film like we have been these passed few nights which have actually helped me in actually getting off to sleep… but our internet was playing up…
Instead, I am sitting here talking to you guys about all of the things that doesn’t seem to be working in defeating the monster… But since I haven’t sung in a while, perhaps that is why it is being somewhat difficult… Maybe if I sing, it will make the monster drift off into a long deep sleep…?
Unfortunately, I can’t upload a song featuring none other than me singing Morning Parade’s Speechless…
Please, don’t be too disappointed!
I could always email it you if you really do insist on it!
Anyway, I have done all that I needed to do so I shall bid you goodnight and persist my singing therapy!

3 thoughts on “How I know the monster wants to return

  1. It’s been so long since I had a LITTLE little one afoot that I had to click on your Doc McStuffins link. As a black/white female, can I play devil’s advocate here a sec? {start rank} I understand that little kids of racial minorities need to “see” themselves on tv and in high positions (doctor), but seriously, how are the little white kids ever going to see themselves if every new show produced features a minority? I say we need a good mix. I love me some Dora and that Doc sure looks cute, but still. {end rant}
    In the mean time, choose only peppy music to see along with and watch less Curious George – his music and plots can be on the sad side. He’s quite the melancholy monkey. LOL

    1. I never thought about it that way Vanessa lol! But the other day there was an episode about love ans it made me think of a one MC I may find the YouTube video for you lol!
      Also… I would love to hear your opinion on princess Sofia… A white girl who was nothing more than a commoner and miraculously becomes a princess (her mother made the king some shoes)… Apparently that’s all it takes lol!
      But curious George is so good! (I hated it at first would you believe)… Preppy songs… Hmm… I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

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