Luke has been going on about this film for a good few years… In fact, I would say he’s been going on about for almost the whole time we have been together… However, it has taken him a good six years to actually watch it… Before you ask, no it wasn’t because I didn’t want to watch it… It was because he didn’t purchase it or rent it or whatever it is people do to watch films these days…

We all know that lately, for us, it has been Netflix… Gosh, you must be getting sick of me going on about Netflix…





Okay, one more…


Anyway, guess what guys? Rain Man just happened to pop up on Netflix! You guessed that, right? Good.. I don’t think I could have made it any more obvious…

So considering it was Luke’s turn, we watched Rain Man… Funny because the night before I picked Expendables 2! (I haven’t written my review about that yet… my bad!)
Anyway so according to that app on my Xbox that lets us watch films and box sets… You know… that app that begins with a “N” and end with “flix”… Yes, that one… It says that Rain Man, gave Dustin Hoffman’s second Best Actor Academy Award and rightly so! (Even though, Hoffman doubted his performance and even wanted out three weeks into production, it is claimed (on IMDB) that he had said “this is the worst work of my life.”))

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman play two brothers who are reunited after their father’s death. Charlie (Cruise) is an obnoxious imbecile (to put it nicely) and is infuriated when his father’s will states that $3 million was to go to a care-home where the benefactor’s name was a mystery. Charlie only got a car… a car that was the “cause” of Charlie leaving his father’s home at 16 and never spoken or seen again. Seriously, what did he expect?

Charlie goes to the care-home, dragging his girlfriend with him and starts to investigate but it deemed useless until he steps outside and sees another man in the driver’s seat, claiming that the car was his dad’s car and that he only saw it on Sundays and that day was not a Sunday.

It then occurred to Charlie that this man who went by the name of Raymond was in-fact his long lost brother that he had never heard of.

However, Raymond isn’t just some ordinary person. He is autistic and appears to be brilliant at remembering things and maths (which led to a counting cards scene in Las Vegas).

This realisation made Charlie believe that he could somehow get his “fair share” of the inheritance if he were to well, you know, kidnap his own brother.

What Charlie didn’t know is that it was going to be a very long (due to Raymond being frightened of planes except the Qatar airlines) and difficult journey back to Los Angeles. I don’t mean the “difficulties” that his brother put forth but also the emotional difficulties which he would witness for himself.

This film is more than “just two men in a car”… There is the occasional pit stop… I joke of course but this film may take you through a journey too where emotions are concerned.

It will make you cry with laughter at Charlie’s angry outbursts to crying your eyes out.

My only concern was how it ended, I imagined it would end a little more dramatic but I am glad it didn’t end the way I anticipated. I really enjoyed Hoffman’s portrayal of Raymond not just as a character but as a person with autism.

Well deserved 9/10



6 thoughts on “Rain Man

  1. That’s another one I need to watch. I, too, have N–x, but I’m also buried in homework (as you should be!) and I just can’t handle emotional movies right now.
    Soon! I promise!
    (Though I did watch Last Holiday on Nx yesterday. ANYTHING to spy LL Cool J. 😉 )

    1. You know… I should be doing work! I’ll catch up soon hopefully!
      Last holiday… Never heard of it.
      Luke made me watch Rambo last night and that was horrible!!!!
      Ll cool j eh? 😉

      1. Queen Latifah and LL Cool J work at a dept store and have crushes on each other. She finds out she’s dying and decides to spend all her money on a last holiday. It’s really good, and will LL as the love interest? Yeah.

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