You know really I should have done this review before the Rain Man one I done yesterday as we watched this one before but no, I just had to make it awkward.

So the day before we watched Rain Man, it was my turn to pick and I picked The Expendables 2… Honestly, I know how Luke loves action movies especially ones with Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li was a bonus (although he was only in it for the opening due to filming schedules conflicting with Flying Swords of Dragon Gate).

All is not lost though because Arnie made up for that loss and the surprise visit of Chuck Norris was even more than a bonus where Luke was concerned. I for one, had no idea who Chuck Norris is but apparently he beat Bruce Lee once…

I can’t help but think that this film was a very nearly “sausage fest”

I for one was in it for the Jason Statham until just now when I realised that The Hunger Games’ Gale (Liam Hemsworthplayed Billy the Kid, the sniper expert whose appearance in the film was relatively short but set the film in motion. Shows how much I was paying attention! I tend to not watch the tele with my glasses on (even though I should) unless any subtitles comes on which by the time, I have put them on, the subtitles have gone… Typical.

Anyway, this film didn’t have as much “action” as I would have liked or would have expected for a film where many “action” stars are featured!

To me it just seemed that they tried to cram too much in too quickly simply to get views. People are going to want to see Arnie especially along side Chuck Norris! People are going to want to see The Kickboxer, Jean-Claude Van Damme get beaten up by Rocky Balboa but even that was an appalling and relatively boring battle and even worse climax.

As stories go, I did prefer this one to the film’s prequel however, the ending barely passed mediocre.

The best part of the film for me is the little joke between Arnie and Bruce Willis although I did find it a little cheesy.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled when watching this but it was bearable!



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