You know this film review thing every day is starting to get a little blah… I promise to mix it up today! I’m even considering in doing some important training for my up and coming battle with a one Captain Awesome today! He’s already been asking Luke for tips on how to defeat me! Would you believe it? He has even turned my one and only against me.

Luke has told Captain Awesome to use the counter attack as that is my weakness as far as Fifa is concerned. Luke thought this would play to may advantage and perhaps it would IF counter attacks wasn’t my weakness which it in fact, is. I am not impressed with these so-called tactics… This is why I work alone… No-one to distract me or fall under the pressure and reveal my secrets! This mission is becoming a bit of a Mission Impossible but if Tom Cruise hasn’t taught us anything it would be that no mission is impossible.

Which leads me to my review!

Yes, I am back on track after mixing up all of the days… This particular night it was my turn (the night after we watched Rain Man), I like myself a good spy movie and I hadn’t seen the latest instalment of Ethan Hunt‘s shenanigans and the giant picture on the dreaded “N” word app was more than enough persuasion for me.

Before you all ask… I did not pick this film because I fancy myself some Tom, I don’t! I actually wanted to watch it because I enjoy these sorts of movies.

Don’t be too upset Tom… You’re just… not my type…

So if my calculations are correct (and also the people on wikipedia), we are up to the 4th instalment of MI. I remember the first two fairly well. I am sure I have seen the third one but it mustn’t have made a huge impact on me because, I don’t remember it but I am sure I have seen it…

From the moment the audience hears Lalo Schifrin‘s composition that we all know and love (well I should think you do because it is not a bad composition) we are suddenly aware of the franchise Mission Impossible which was also a TV series between (1966–1973). I actually had no idea about that! We can only wonder if this film is going to be action packed, filled with magnificent stunts along with beautifully composed special effects and an all-round good watch.

So the film begins with a one Simon Pegg attempting to break out a cave-man like Cruise from prison. Our hero was a little stubborn though, he insisted that he’s go his way so he could let another man go free. I am unsure why Pegg’s character worried so much, you all know that what Hunt wants, he usually gets and he’ll find some way of escaping despite what his beard suggested.

After breaking free Hunt learns that another agent was killed by an assassin for a code that will be needed for a nuclear missile to well, you know, destroy the world.

He decides to go to Russia and investigate but communication lines were intercepted somehow and after barely escaping with one of the worst explosions where one is seen flying across the screen to perhaps ever have been made, the Russians believe that it was Hunt who had created the explosion, killing many people. He is now on the wanted list as no one believes that he had nothing to do with the explosion, therefore he does what any rogue spy would do and goes on the run. Even the companies leader (well, I think he was the leader anyway) told Hunt to leave before he got blown up, leaving Hunt and Jeremy Renner (who seems to be in everything these daysto fend for themselves.

Luckily they find a train where the people who broke him free from prison were hiding out. It was here that they all decide to take matters into their own hands and “save the world.” (Well someone’s got to, right?)
There’s the plot outline for you, now for some stunts…
We all know that Hunt likes to go all Spidey on us and climb walls right? Well, this film again puts that aspect in…

He is equipped with the worst gloves ever! I mean they didn’t even work properly. Poor Hunt is panicking because a sand storm is on its way and all he wants to do is climb a building! Thankfully, he got to where he needed to go (well of course he did this is Ethan Hunt we are talking about) and the show would be pretty boring if it was too easy.

It sure as heck wasn’t easy al-right!

All this to get to an elevator and dodge a sand storm…

There was no point because guess where he ended up…

Go on, guess!

 That’s right, he ended up in the sand storm!

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. I think is one of the best ones since the first one but that’s just my opinion! The plot was easy to understand and I liked the fact that it was just them four to solve the problem on their own! The ending suggests that there could be possibly more films to branch off this film as Hunt gives his fellow crew members a phone. A new company, a new crew and many more impossible missions to make possible!


MI 5 updates:


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