No, not you Gollum and don’t worry I am not after the ONE ring to rule them all!

I am a Super Hero, If anything I would be the one to throw it into Mount Doom… Oh wait, Frodo already done that!

So, I said I was going to mix it up today and a Daily Prompt gave me an idea so here we are and the people at The Daily Post would like to know who my Precious is how.

This got me thinking… Of course my precious would be my little Princess, she could never do anything wrong but since she has been a typical toddler today, I am not amused so as she’s tucked up in her Hello Kitty bed, I will talk about the other precious that I hold very close to my heart: Her father…


I know, I know… I don’t do soppy stuff except for the some times that I do like when I devoted my love for him in a letter addressed to my dearest Superman.

My Superman he is.


Because, since day 1, I knew he was “the one”… I had had boy friends before but the feeling of love I have for Luke was far much stronger that first day than it ever was for any previous boyfriends. I was only 16 at the time and one could argue that one doesn’t know what love is.

Maybe I didn’t… maybe I still don’t but if I didn’t than surely I wouldn’t have spent the next six years with him? Surely, I wouldn’t let him sleep in my bed? Surely, I wouldn’t let him move into my house and help me make it look nice… Surely, I wouldn’t have had a baby with him? But I did.

he may not be perfect… I am not going to be breaking my neck to look up at him any time soon… He may get on my nerves from time to time especially when he demands his hair being cut.

“I need my hair cutting…”

“My hair needs cutting soon…”

“My hair is getting too long…”

I thought women were the ones to give out hints but unlike him, I know he is hinting but wait for him to ask me instead…

“Can you cut my hair soon please?”

“When are you going to cut my hair?”

“Can you cut my hair one day this week?”

Yes, I will be cutting his hair the weekend if (and I quote) “he is good”…

He also does crazy things like this…

Proving his strength by lifting someone a lot taller than him, drunk at a house party at mine when we were young and I didn’t care!

He may also get on my nerves when he is constantly on Fifa or (lately) GTA…

but none of that really matters.

The truth is whether he is engrossed in a game, it doesn’t bother me because he’s with me. It doesn’t matter if I’m having a bad day because he’s with me. He is always with me and six years later, I still hate it when he leaves for work every day and I still look forward to him coming home. I even count down the hours just like I did when we didn’t live together. I look forward to night time every day because it means I can be in his arms again. He would do absolutely anything for me and I can honestly say, I would do anything for him too. I’d protect him with my life, if he’d let me. Everything he has done has been for me and for our Princess.

We have had our ups and downs like couples do. I am not going to sit here and paint a beautiful picture and make you believe that our relationship is like a fairy tale. It’s not! That, I believe, doesn’t exist.

I have had people ask me “when is the wedding?” I tend to laugh at this. Luke never believed in marriage before he got with me as his parents are not married and have been together 25 years. I lost faith in it when my parents separated, even though legally they are still married.

But perhaps one day he will give me the one ring to say that I am forever his and he is forever mine.

One day.

 As long as it is not THAT one!


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