Hello humans, animals and superheroes!

I bet you’re all wondering about the battle between me and a one Captain Awesome that took place this passed Saturday!

If you guys remember, I found out that Captain Awesome was the one who had banned me from playing Fifa due to me having the tendency to throw (and break) Xbox controllers! My super-strength got the better of me!

After this truth being revealed, I decided that Captain Awesome had gone from friend to foe and I challenged him to an almighty battle on Fifa!

Now, I did say that I was going to practice… I didn’t and my excuse was because I believed that I did not need practice. I thought perhaps I should give Captain Awesome an advantage because quite clearly, he was going to need it.

Captain Awesome tried to do a few tricks of his own… He asked Luke on tips on how to defeat me! Luke (despite his intentions) told Captain Awesome that my weakness was the counter attack and of course this is very true but Luke thought that it would play into my advantage. I believed it not so.

On the morning of Saturday, I started to work some mind games of my own! That’s right folks, two can play at this game. How did I do it, you ask? Well, I started to post statuses on Facebook!

He also gave me some information… that he had lost recently in a battle against T (a guy who lives over the road from me.) Whether this was true, I do not know BUT this suggested to me that his morale was low which was a point in my favour. He also told me that he had been giving the Night his presence lately and therefore his sleep has been all over the place. Again this was another point in my favour or quite possibly, excuses to be used if he were to in-fact LOSE!

The day progressed Super-Sam came early and my old school friend The Mighty Savage-Knight came over in her Beast-mobile after a long shift of superhero cleanliness. I made her a cup of tea for when she walked in though the door (told you I had been practising) and we enjoyed some “face time” for when my battle was to come. Who knows? I may or may not had made it!

Captain Awesome arrived with Frodo (named because of how tall he is… reaching almost 7 foot), they even bought pizza but since Captain Awesome was late as usual we had already eaten our pizza. Frodo’s plans to lighten the situation did not help.

Soon the time came… and we were forced to pick our teams and let the battle commence.

Oh and it commenced all right…

My FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team: where you open packs online and create a team with the cards you get or traded) is mainly players from the Spanish League LigaBBVA so I wanted to go with either FC Barcelona or Real Madrid… I went with Barcelona…

Captain Awesome chose to use Aguero against me and picked Manchester City

I wasn’t going to let that get the best of me. Captain Awesome knows I have thing for Aguero but I wasn’t going to get dizzy by his fancy moves and good lucks… NO… IT IS JUST AN ANIMATION!

The first half was intense… but I managed to score but moments later Captain Awesome equalised!

His possession was even higher than mine by half time with him having 53%

Thanks Neymar! You played brilliantly!

The second half however was a different story when I scored two goals, one with Pedro and the other with Neymar!

But due to my kind-natured heart, I started to feel bad for Captain Awesome… I didn’t want to humiliate him too much… I decided to let him have a consolation goal by bringing Victor Valdes out for Captain Awesome to score…


The whistle blew and it was over!

Captain Awesome gone from Awesome to Pants in just under 10 minutes!

I of course celebrated this victory with many glasses of wine and brandy and coke that my Darling Geni bought! That was a mistake! I spent all day yesterday in bed with a banging head ache!


But my first victory was one that needed to be remembered!

Note to self: Don’t drink alcohol after a victory! 


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