Oh Spotify you do like to surprise me sometimes and you all know how much I really don’t listen to chart music too much, right?

Okay, so maybe you didn’t!

Last Saturday when the Mighty Savage-Knight came over, she also took control over my television remote. I’d like to think I am a good friend. I mean I bought her some summer fruit Kopparbergs and I even bought us all Pizza! How nice am I right? I usually don’t do this kind of thing but since I am trying to work on my friendship skills than maybe all is well intended.

Anyway, she took master over my television, specifically the music channels! I am actually quite glad Luke didn’t delete those of our television package otherwise I wouldn’t have this wonderful post to write for you.

Woops I am being arrogant and I don’t like that… My bad!

So as the Mighty Savage-Knight took control of remote, she kept flicking through the channels… She wouldn’t leave a song on for more than a few seconds! A minute if she liked it and the odd exception she would let us listen to it. One of them was Brooke’s favourite song Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe but Brooke was in bed at this point but she let me listen to it anyway.. (only because she left the room for a couple of minutes).
So I thought this week that maybe I should try and listen to some chart music… I mean, if the Mighty Savage-Knight is going to take control of the remote than I should hope to know more than two words of a song if she lets us listen to one… I didn’t even know who half the artists are!
I am only 23… This should not be the case…
Anyway Spotify…
I had a browse and I found this song Monsters By Eminem Feat. Rihanna. Okay so I am not a HUGE fan of Eminem especially when your ex boyfriend was obsessed with him to the point he even bleached his hair blonde! (No, I am not kidding) but the title got my attention.
So I had a listen and I love it! In-fact I’m starting to not understand why I don’t like Eminem that much. He is very talented!
I can relate to this song in some sense… Okay so I am no rap artists! I am no artist of any kind. I can sing… although the Mighty Savage-Knight kindly told me that in school, I tried too hard… Perhaps I did but maybe they were just all jealous of me…? Maybe not… but I am not going to be videoing myself singing and flashing it all over YouTube any-time soon as much as you all would love to see that! There are enough drunken videos of me on there as it is! 
It does feel like the monster is living under my bed… I don’t understand how because it is rather crammed under there but you get my drift. I hope. I do wish to one day walk among everyone else somewhat “normal” just like Eminem says:
” I have a vision
one day that I walk amongst you a regular civilian”
Perhaps to do that I should become friends with the monster under my bed and listen to her voice? No… She annoys me and unlike Eminem, If I want to walk among the “normal” people, than I must fight the monster. I mean personally, I think it is quite rude of her to be sleeping under my 

bed! If anything, she deserves to be sleeping outside in the freezing cold rain! Silly Monster!


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