Oh look it’s another Daily Prompt!

I know it is yesterday’s daily prompt but the new one isn’t up yet so I assume I have time…

it’s a race against time…

Anyway… Yesterday’s Prompt was what quality in others you despise… They even said that you will get bonus points for bad qualities in my self… Perhaps I may win this one then… Which brings me on to a pet peeve as far as qualities go…

Would you like to have a guess what it is?


Fine, I’ll tell you…

I can not stand arrogance…

What’s that you say? You can’t stand arrogance?

No… I can not! I find it very unattractive. I know, I know… I can be rather arrogant at times like when I knew I was going to beat Captain Awesome in our Fifa battle!

I felt bad for this and apologised… he’s demanding a re-match!

Arrogance isn’t all that bad… Some people find it attractive… but some people can be over arrogant… cocky even and no-one likes a smart-ass, right? And that’s not attractive!

I don’t want some dude come up to me and be like “I can do this better than you…”, “can you do this?”, “I bet you can’t do this…”


I am too competitive, a quality of mine that gets on my nerves from time to time… especially when I lose and do crazy things like… I don’t know… break a few Xbox controllers…

So if someone was to come up to me and tell me they can do something better than me, it annoys me… I don’t want people being better than me at things that I think I am already good at! Arrogant of me I know.

This makes me wonder though, perhaps I don’t like arrogance in others because I can be arrogant and I don’t like it in myself so I project that thought on to others…?

Hmm, I’ll get back to you on that one…

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10 thoughts on “You’re Mean. I’m Mean. Everyone is Mean

      1. What the cue? No lol! But he does enjoy beating me 😦 makes me very angry lol! Maybe it’s good we dnot use our pool table anymore!
        Well I think you’re very ttalented and such a lovely person with a beautiful family and MC 🙂 you shouldnt be hard on yourself 🙂

      2. Oh no he doesn’t! Maybe because we haven’t played in a long time!

        Ahaa thank you! Perhaps… lets be optimistic about it… we will get over this hard of ourselves thing lol

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