Please note: this should not be tried at home or at the work place or anywhere! Unless you are a superhero with super powers or had special training with dragons!

Christmas day was one heck of a crazy one! After just a few minutes of Mini Me opening her presents, something strange and unexpected happened and I never thought I’d be learning how to handle a Dragon especially from a 2 year old!

I decided I will share this advice with you but if one is to come across a Dragon then firstly, do not look at it in the eye… And back a way slowly! If all else fails… then run for water… at least you won’t get burnt in there… unless you’re faced with a Frost Dragon then just pray he finds something a little more interesting than you for supper.

The first tip that I learned when coming across a Dragon unexpectedly is that you must grab him by the neck.

By grabbing him by the neck, it will make his eyes pop (no-one likes their eyes popping including dragons). This way he will know who is boss: you!

However, Dragons can be very sensitive creatures so when it is safe and you are pretty sure that he knows that you are in charge then give him a cuddle.

DSC_0082By giving him a cuddle, you are letting him know that you will not hurt him unless of course it deems necessary!

If you want your Dragon to feel extra special then why not introduce it to someone you hold dear to your heart. However, be careful because the Dragon could turn on you at this point!

Mini Me introduced the Dragon to a one mouse: Minnie mouse to be exact.

DSC_0086The Dragon even had a quick slumber next to Minnie mouse and Princess Rabbit.

It seemed the Dragon was in fact tamed but they are never to be trusted! Dragons can be very unpredictable…

If one is to turn on you then simply grab it by the neck…

IMG_20131225_111030Please note that the Dragon is smiling and not crying out in pain!

There is no need to call the RSPCD! (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dragons)!

Also, according to the council of superheroes and mythical creatures, the actions seen on here is acceptable. Any harm to a Dragon for unnecessary reasons is punishable by negative reinforcement… E.g. The taking a way of sweets.

Please do not worry about dear Stuffy (a.k.a the Blue Dragon in the above pictures). There is no need to call Doc McStuffins! He is now in safe hands and Mini Me has the protection of Stuffy for when she sleeps.

I hope you find my advice helpful!

But please… do not go looking for Dragons unless you are safely in the world of Skyrim!


5 thoughts on “How to Handle and Train A Dragon

    1. I need Mini Me to give me inspiration more often!

      Erm… I shall check with the Council of Superheroes and Mythical Creatures! I hear they can be quite cruel if you don’t follow their rules and regulations!

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