Welcome to the next instalment of whatever it is I am going to call this series…

“A – Z” maybe?

Seems a little boring…

“A hero from a Zero”

Get it?

Thoughts would be appreciated!

Anyway, I have been absent a while and for once it isn’t pessimistically related! We had to indulge in what I thought would be more turkey and other festive treats! My diet was doing so well and I have promised myself for as long as I can keep it, that I will not eat another take-a-way starting from the most disgusting undercooked pizza I had last night!

I have been pondering on what “B” should stand for in this series and in my last post I hinted at “Bravery” but since I still haven’t gone back to the doctors, I am afraid I couldn’t really post about any form of Bravery unless it is indeed the lack of, which would be a rather boring read.

BUT since we have just entered 2014… which reminds me…


I thought a good old post about beginnings would be appropriate…

New Year’s Eve is a time for people to post a status on Facebook about how the past year has been…

You had people, like myself, write a brief summary of the past year…

Had a roller-coaster of a year and perhaps not one of the greatest and even though tomorrow is just another day, I am hoping to wipe the slate clean and work on a few things  happy New year to all those I love and care about! I’m going to play gears of war with Luke… Have fun everyone!

Luke and I was even fortunate to have a heart warming status dedicated to us from our friendly fellow super hero, SuperSam…

I admit, a tear did escape my eyes and ran down my cheek!

However, I noticed that you get the odd few that would moan about people putting statuses or comments up summarizing the past year! I found them rather irritating as they ranted about people saying that the new year is a time for them to become a “new” them is a pointless statement to make because they are still going to be the same person they were before and the new year is just another day… A person can make changes any time of the year. Okay, a person can but the new year is all about a new beginning.

I like to see it as the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and try for an even better year than the one previously. If this means, making or attempting changes in yourself than so be it. It is up to that person whether they do it and stick to it or not but people moaning about it, I just find annoying and a little pessimistic.

Personally, I have a thing about doing things at weird times… I couldn’t just “make a change” or “resolution” randomly in the year. The thought of it is a little overwhelming for me…

So what does 2014 have install for me… Well first of all, I am hoping that I can wipe the slate clean and work on a few things.

Last year I made the same resolution and I did stick to it until things went out of my control and went down hill… but I am hoping that the choices I made last year will continue to make a good impact for this year and the many more to follow.

Last year ended well because I saw my friends every Saturday for three weeks in a row which was good for us because sometimes it can be a while before we do see one another.

We had fun playing games and eating pizza. We all believed that we ended the year on a high note.

I hope we can continue this… I have said that I will try my hardest to see my league of extraordinary friends at least once a month.

I have even told Luke that we should go out just “us” at the end of every month and have a “date” night. We never really done the dating thing; we just went straight into a relationship as we were friends before hand. I have never been on a date… would you believe?

Anyway, I think a “date” night will be beneficial for our relationship to actually face my fears and go out and not sit at home playing Xbox or watching the dreaded “N” word…

I am also going to work on my health… and I will… Christmas has probably resorted me putting that half a stone I lost, back on and I can not be having that!

I am also going to get this blogging thing down… A good Superhero should always be there and should never leave a person behind. Okay, now I am just rambling!

In the mean time…

What resolutions have you made, if you have made any?


Check out the first instalment of “A hero from a Zero”


12 thoughts on “B is for Beginnings

  1. No resolutions here. Maybe next year. You’re right – changes don’t have to wait to be made on the new year. In fact, “tomorrow” is the most famous day of all, as far as making changes go! LOL

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