Welcome to the third instalment of “A hero from a Zero”

I am still not too sure about that title!

Anyway, choices, we all make them. Some people may find it a little easier to make certain choices to the point that their choices become almost automatic. For example a person may wake up one morning and take ages trying to decide whether they would like toast or cereal for breakfast. They might be so used to making this choice that it becomes so easy and the only worry (if any) is whether they will have enough time to eat it before they leave for work… They may even just grab a piece of toast or a bagel or whatever they desire and eat it on the way…

A pretty easy choice really.

However for some people, simple choices such as this isn’t as easy.

I guess some choices I have made over the years have become automatic for me too. For example I choose to stay within my four walls because if I leave, something bad might happen to me or my home. I have become so used to this decision that it has become a habit. I don’t need to decide if I am going to go out because I won’t be. It is as simple as that.

However, something occurred to me not so long ago… Perhaps October when my Nephew started nursery.

Soon…very soon… I’ll be taking Mini Me to Nursery too… It is something I’m going to have to do… Take her to school and pick her up for the next decade or even longer…

Suddenly, I am faced with a choice… a HARD choice and I am not saying that this decision is easy for any parent so I bet some of you can understand me a little that when it comes to Nursery schools or schools and choosing where your child is going to go… it is a difficult decision.

I already know what Primary School Mini Me will go to… The same one I went to when I was a kid…

That One!

I even know what Secondary schools I hope Mini Me would pick for Secondary school… but Nursery schools… is a whole different kettle of fish especially in the state of mind I have been in lately…

We live in the house I grew up in when I was a kid… We are hoping that the lists for the place where we live will open up so we can sign up and move out of my father’s house… In other words… there is nowhere else we would want to live… Unless it was the States but that appears to be very unlikely… Even Canada seems hard to get into…

Anyway, Mini Me will be 3 in March which means that she can get free 15 hours a week of Nursery schooling… This means I have had to start taking more of an interest in where she is going to go…

Now I could send her to the Nursery that is literally just around the corner… It will be convenient because it means I don’t have to walk far BUT the Nursery isn’t as good as the Nursery where my Nephew goes which is a little further of a walk a way.

I find this decision difficult… do I send my child to a Nursery just because it is convenient for me? OR do I send her to a Nursery which has had better reviews and offers better teaching and experiences for the children and also Mini Me’s cousin Happy Face will be there so at least she will see a familiar face.

I did make my decision…

I chose the Nursery where Happy Face goes. I have heard nothing but good reports about it and I have seen the meals they give the children and they even take them on trips and all sorts. One decision (which baffles me) is they let the children play on Ipads… are they crazy? I thought 6 year olds playing on Ipads was crazy enough!

What I am trying to say is that some choices are easy and some are not BUT sometimes the decisions we make should not be to benefit ourselves but to hope that it will benefit others. GAD, depression and OCD can be very selfish illnesses but I know that this year will be different for me because I won’t need to make the choice of whether I am going to leave the house… Instead, I will have to leave the house and take Mini Me to Nursery because I know I have to and I can deal with that.

So the next time you come across a decision… even if it is choosing what you are going to have a breakfast, try thinking about it… See if it will benefit others or yourself or even try something new. We make decisions everyday, lets make sure that they are the best decisions you can make!

What do you think? What choices have you found difficult lately? Pop your thoughts below.


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13 thoughts on “C is for Choices

  1. Oooooh. I don’t like that. My Mini Me is trying to move us to Chicago because she loved it so much. PLUS, Agriculture is her thing and they have an entire high school that’s an Ag school. Here, she’s just in her high school’s ag program. Selfishly, I want to stay put…
    OK, where’s the dislike button on this post???
    ((hugs)) Very timely post. (Phooey!)

    1. Ahaaa… Oh Vanessa… I don’t think you wanting to stay in Arizona is selfish :)! I can imagine moving states to be a very hectic and stressful time! You have friends there just like your young one does! 🙂

      And you’ve already moved from California to Arizona :).

      I could have worded my post better lol… I mean them decisions that if made can cause a huge negative impact…

      🙂 *hugs*

      I was honestly just going on about nurseries! Lol!!! I’m petrified lol

      1. I moved CA to AZ 10 years ago so while it’s stressful, it isn’t like I just moved last year. And no, not selfish for me to want to stay here…but it’s a long story. 🙂

        As for YOUR story, how much longer of a walk is Happy Face’s school? Is it three hours a day for five days, so you’ll have to go out every day? Do you have anyone who can walk with you the first few days to make it easier?

      2. Noooo! It’s a 15 minute walk lol!
        I should be fine… I mean it’s around the corner from my hairdressers and I walked there by myself.
        About what days, I am not sure yet. For full time, I may have to pay but it depends on my circumstances…
        So we shall see but if it is just the 15 hours then I think it is only 3 days…
        I sent them an email and the kids go back Tuesday so hopefully I will hear from them next week 🙂

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