I love dogs!

Anyone that has ever known me knows that I LOVE DOGS and I have done since a very young age.

And one dog in particularly that I love is my Husky side-kick Sasha A.K.A Snow Dust.

You remember Snow Dust… I wrote a post about her and how she sometimes likes to become a lone wolf.

Yesterday was one of them days.

Sasha hasn’t done it in a while and since it’s rather cold here in the UK with snow being expected in the next few days, weeks or even months, I guess I am not surprised that her “wild” side is beginning to kick in.

Yesterday My Sister which I am going to name Crazy Face came over with my Nephew Happy Face and surely Super Sam made an appearance too.

I don’t usually smoke… but when people who do smoke come round, then I become a bit of smoker who inevitably ends up with a sore throat the next day, followed by many *coughs* “I am NEVER” *coughs* “smoking again!” *coughs.*

Of course, we smoke outside and therefore Snow Dust is free to roam the garden with more than one pair of eyes watching her.

Living under the Bournville Village Trust, gardens with hedges are expected and these hedges have many gaps in them which become easier to get through during the winter period for obvious seasonal reasons.

Therefore during the Summer, Snow Dust has been pretty good lately and this gave me the opportunity to work on her re-call… since last winter Snow Dust had many lone missions venturing into the neighbouring gardens!

Huskies can be very stubborn and are known to be spiritual, therefore… they tend to only do things that they believe will benefit them in some way.

I got her re-call extremely strong during the summer to the point, I didn’t need ham to bribe treat her.

Oh Boy was I wrong…

I am not sure whether it was because over Christmas, Snow Dust has been having some of our turkey… or it was because my Mom was here and she “jinked” it by saying “Sasha is such a good dog.” (I disparately need to tell people NOT to say these things because every time something like that is said…. Snow Dust becomes rather big-headed and starts to tackle missions on her own.)

Yesterday when we was having a cheeky cigarette, Snow Dust was close to the hedge but not right up the top of the garden which is usually her escape route.

We were calling her… I even got the ham but something next door was just too tempting…

I panicked… Luke was at work and this had never happened with out him here before…

Luckily, next door were in and they were outside and their Chocolate Labrador Max was kind enough to chase her out of his territory and back into ours. I believe he may have been giving her the speech… “What have I told you, Snow Dust? You are not ready to mission out alone… Listen to your human and get back into your hide-out…I’ll even get my humans to throw you a treat…”

And they did…

Cocky Snow Dust… runs in all triumphant with her bone for going next door…

It wasn’t until after, I realised that Snow Dust had actually interrupted Max’s meal… I had no idea they fed Max outside…

Therefore… his speech might have been a bit more like this…


I think I am going to have to keep my more of an eye on my fluffy white monster! I do not want to lose her and I like to think she wouldn’t want to lose me either.

So, there you have it D is for Dog!

I love my Dog 🙂 Now tell me about yours? Do you have a Dog? (or dogs… tell me about your human)


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12 thoughts on “D is for Dog

  1. Hooray for Max! Pierre has been herding Twooshie all night, as we’ve been dogsitting her while her “Mum” is away. He was trying to not let her in the house last night, and I told him to get over himself.

    1. Ahaaa aww bless her! 🙂

      Sasha’s KC name is “Dust of Snow” from a Breeder called Dreamwisher so I guess it fits perfectly.

      Other than that I’m forever calling her my fluffy white monster… No wonder she’s always giving me this “look!”

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