I must admit, I struggled thinking of an E… I could have used my name but that wouldn’t be very entertaining, would it?

Do you remember sometime last year when I wrote a blog post in response to a blog post written by my newly adopted sister who lives across the pond? You know, the one who has the mightiest Diva of a Chihuahua that has ever lived? You know, Vanessa back in FarFetchedFriendsLand…?

No, well here’s a link…

Basically, I wrote a post which (to sum up) states that I am “the worst hostess to have ever lived.”

It’s true… People come to MY house and pour ME a drink… I mean what is up with that?

I realised, that is not a person should be. I’m all for people feeling welcome in my home but I can imagine pouring the hostess a drink in their home, can be rather… annoying. So I decided I would work on that…

And… I have been!

I have poured my friend the Almighty Savage Knight cups of tea. Infact, I make her a cup of tea for when she arrives in her beast-mobile. My other friend SuperSam, who was there the one time, wasn’t too pleased that I hadn’t made him a cup of tea for when he walked in so last week I poured one for him as soon as he walked through the door too.

Gosh, this hostess work can be hard work sometimes…

And Tuesday it was…

My sister along with her boyfriend and son Happy Face came over for tea. I cooked us all a lovely slow cooked bolognese since I have become a little obsessed with using the slow cooker Luke’s parents got us for Christmas.

In return for my kind gesture of cooking, they brought a bottle of dark rum! The Crazy Faces apparently had this plan to get me drunk for I assume was for entertainment purposes. I mean really… wasn’t cooking them dinner, enough?

Sadly, I don’t think I lived up to that part of entertaining guests since rum and coke did NOT get me drunk even in the slightest but Mini Me was in a good mood… Me and Crazy Face just sat there and watched her and Happy Face play.

It involved a cardboard box…

Sliding on a cardboard box…

Hiding in a cardboard box…

Stomping on a cardboard box…

I wish I took pictures of them doing these things with a cardboard box!

Perhaps the dark rum was going to my head after all!

Mini Me was in such a good mood, that she even gave her cousin, who is only 10 months older than her, a hug and a kiss!

She even let us take pictures of them together…

My Mom will be so pleased… She’s been going on about a picture of them both since forever…

It really is the smallest of things that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Just sitting with family, eating food and watching the kids make a mess out of my living room was enough entertainment for all of us.

Oh and cardboard boxes!

A hero from a Zero


9 thoughts on “E is for Entertainment

  1. Ha…my diva Chihuahua. 🙂 He’s watching my young one eat some fried chicken. Yes, I cooked tonight.
    Yay for you and your entertainment. The dark rum was the icing on the cake huh? You go Lizzee!!!

    1. Fried chicken… Nice! Mmmm… We’ve just got up yet sasha is lying on the sofa asleep! 😮 ahaaa… It was… I had a drink last night too but I am paying for it today! 😦

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