F has been taking a while in this series.

I have been coming up with an idea and then suddenly, I change my mind.

This idea came into my head last night/early this morning, but we will get to that later.

The F word… we all say it. Some of us may throw it into each and every sentence. Some of us say it as a reaction.

Your baby toe gets caught on something.


You’re locked out.


You drop your phone down the toilet.


Those are just a few examples but last night something made me so disgusted that my usual “FRICKS” became an actual… “F” and this funnily enough involves another F word which goes by the name of Fifa!

And no, the example is NOT…

Someone scores against you and leads in the last remaining seconds of the game.

FRICK! FRICK! FRICK! *Throws controller* FRICK!

No this example is a little more important than that…

I’ve been having some Fifa spells lately. It’s bad of me because really, I should be doing Uni work but I felt like I needed some ‘down time’… Plus, Brooke loves the “football game” even if it does irritate me if I ask her who she supports and she replies “Blues” a.k.a Birmingham City… (Thanks Dad!)

No, like I said, this is more important than that…

Okay so IF any Aston Villa fans are reading this than I can imagine some of you are thinking “What the FRICK is more important than convincing your child to NOT support Birmingham City?”

Blues fans will be like…

“Praise her! Praise her! Praise her!”

Well, I’ll tell you…

So since I have been having mad Fifa spells, last night it was Luke’s turn and him and SuperSam were playing online Pro Clubs with their team which they named “Just Keen FC”. As you can see, you can customise your team’s name which you and friends can all play with “pros” that you create and face other teams that people have also made up. As you can imagine there can be some ridiculous names out there. Very ridiculous.

EA have been very “smart”… there is chat on your pro club’s start up screen. I have tested it. If you swear (even by changing how swear words are spelt) it is starred out. Racist terms are starred out. Rude comments are starred out. You get the idea…

But what EA doesn’t do… is take notice of the Pro Teams’ names especially when one particular team (like I assume many) are called…


This was the name of a team that Just Keen FC came up against last night… and I am disgusted. Luke and SuperSam were also disgusted.

I can’t and will not understand why naming your team something like that is funny… It isn’t! Especially when there are children who play this game.

I don’t even find jokes about the subject funny.

I also don’t understand how someone hasn’t complained about the people in question… I also don’t understand how EA can make the time to star out almost any word imaginable on a friend’s chat but they can’t monitor the names of teams created on one of their games which are played on one of their servers.

I don’t understand it.

There are simple no words… except for FRICK! FRACK! FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

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15 thoughts on “F is for FrickFrackForGoodnessSake

    1. I remember Luke or myself coming up against a person whose gamer tag was along the same lines! Luke and supersam both reported the people and luke’s going to send EA an email!

  1. Oh! Fifa. My son, son the elder and son in law to be (but he doesn’t know it yet haha) are all Fifa fans. Not impressed with that team name either, a joke too far, I think.

      1. I do love a good book! I’ve had to read hard times by Charles dickens for my uni course and that was a.good read. But I prefer the classics anyway lol!

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