Hello fellow Super Heroes!

I know… I know it’s been a long time… too long perhaps… But when one is not keeping monsters a way, one must do homework.

My apologies! No really… I am deeply sorry.


We all know how much I love my bit on the side… My beloved ‘Netflix’… However, we had a brief separation a few weeks ago. I was very angry with him! Why? Because, Netflix decided that it was appropriate to only provide me half of Pokémon: Indigo League and half of Pokémon: Black and White.

And yes… I did ignore him for a while… but after a few days, I thought “well at least he tried to please me.” I mean he gave me the opportunity to re-live my childhood, also enabled me to introduce Baby B to the wonderful world of Pokémon (which she loved by the way) and this led to a new and improved Pokémon obsession.

I even went out and bought caught this guy…



As you can see, he was very happy to get out of that packaging  Pokéball that was shipped from the very distant lands of Hong Kong Pallet Town and after a couple of days of jet lag… Pikachu was ready to live and enjoy his new life here in Birmingham.

Shockingly, Pikachu is a thoughtful and loving creature and he decided that he would treat his new friends. After all, they have been nothing but welcoming and friendly towards him.

So firstly Pikachu decided to do some house cleaning…

Pikachu house cleaning

It was tiring work! I mean it would be cleaning after one lovable but clumsy “Stuffy the Brave Dragon.” But Pikachu powered through with the vacuum.

Afterwards, Pikachu decided that to really show his appreciation, he would buy them all lunch so he went shopping.

Pikachu went shopping

After a long and stressful time pushing a trolley that was almost twice his size at our local living room super-market, Pikachu came back to the sofa home and realised that he had time to rest his short little legs.

Pikachu resting his legs

But time flies when you’re sitting down in an arm-chair watching Disney Junior, so he got up and started to prepare the meal.

Pikachu prepared lunchThankfully, preparing the meal didn’t take long and he was rather pleased with himself. Shortly after, his friends Princess Rabbit, Minnie Mouse and Stuffy came to the sofa home after a long day being cuddled at work to enjoy a lovely meal of plastic fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pikachu and friends eating lunch

They absolutely loved Pikachu’s kind gesture and happily munched a way and engaging in conversation. Minnie mouse was enjoying herself so much that she thought she would make them all some tea.

Pikachu and friends having teaHowever, they had no tea bags…

No tea bagsThankfully, Pikachu and his new friends wasn’t down hearted about this. After all that food, they were rather stuffed and decided they would take a short nap. Pikachu wasn’t tired though so he thought he would do a spot of reading.

Pikachu readingBut there is only so much Hello Kitty a Pikachu can take so he joined his best friend Baby B and played with some Lego blocks.

Pikachu playing with legoPikachu couldn’t help but think how lucky he was to have such amazing friends and a beautiful home. He decided there and then that the long trip from Hong Kong Pallet Town was worth it. He has had the most wonderful day with his friends and happily went to bed, enjoying cuddles with his favourite person.

Pikachu having cuddles

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