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Sasha keeping my feet warm :’)


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


You know this film review thing every day is starting to get a little blah… I promise to mix it up today! I’m even considering in doing some important training for my up and coming battle with a one Captain Awesome today! He’s already been asking Luke for tips on how to defeat me! Would you believe it? He has even turned my one and only against me.

Luke has told Captain Awesome to use the counter attack as that is my weakness as far as Fifa is concerned. Luke thought this would play to may advantage and perhaps it would IF counter attacks wasn’t my weakness which it in fact, is. I am not impressed with these so-called tactics… This is why I work alone… No-one to distract me or fall under the pressure and reveal my secrets! This mission is becoming a bit of a Mission Impossible but if Tom Cruise hasn’t taught us anything it would be that no mission is impossible.

Which leads me to my review!

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