F is for FrickFrackForGoodnessSake

F has been taking a while in this series.

I have been coming up with an idea and then suddenly, I change my mind.

This idea came into my head last night/early this morning, but we will get to that later.

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C is for Choices

Welcome to the third instalment of “A hero from a Zero”

I am still not too sure about that title!

Anyway, choices, we all make them. Some people may find it a little easier to make certain choices to the point that their choices become almost automatic. For example a person may wake up one morning and take ages trying to decide whether they would like toast or cereal for breakfast. They might be so used to making this choice that it becomes so easy and the only worry (if any) is whether they will have enough time to eat it before they leave for work… They may even just grab a piece of toast or a bagel or whatever they desire and eat it on the way…

A pretty easy choice really.

However for some people, simple choices such as this isn’t as easy.

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B is for Beginnings

Welcome to the next instalment of whatever it is I am going to call this series…

“A – Z” maybe?

Seems a little boring…

“A hero from a Zero”

Get it?

Thoughts would be appreciated!

Anyway, I have been absent a while and for once it isn’t pessimistically related! We had to indulge in what I thought would be more turkey and other festive treats! My diet was doing so well and I have promised myself for as long as I can keep it, that I will not eat another take-a-way starting from the most disgusting undercooked pizza I had last night!

I have been pondering on what “B” should stand for in this series and in my last post I hinted at “Bravery” but since I still haven’t gone back to the doctors, I am afraid I couldn’t really post about any form of Bravery unless it is indeed the lack of, which would be a rather boring read.

BUT since we have just entered 2014… which reminds me…


I thought a good old post about beginnings would be appropriate…

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