D is for Dog


I love dogs!

Anyone that has ever known me knows that I LOVE DOGS and I have done since a very young age.

And one dog in particularly that I love is my Husky side-kick Sasha A.K.A Snow Dust.

You remember Snow Dust… I wrote a post about her and how she sometimes likes to become a lone wolf.

Yesterday was one of them days.

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When I Never Bake…


Every Side-kick deserves a treat once in a while and today I attempted at baking Sasha some ‘Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers’ doggy treats. The recipe was found by the daughter of farfetchedfriends¬†who stumbled upon it on the internet.

As you can see, Sasha loves them and sits patiently so I can take a picture!

Oh no! I’ve unmasked her identity!