D is for Dog

I love dogs!

Anyone that has ever known me knows that I LOVE DOGS and I have done since a very young age.

And one dog in particularly that I love is my Husky side-kick Sasha A.K.A Snow Dust.

You remember Snow Dust… I wrote a post about her and how she sometimes likes to become a lone wolf.

Yesterday was one of them days.

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When Christmas comes and dogs can suffer…

Christmas is a beautiful thing. Whether it be for religious reasons or not… It is a time where families can be together and show their love and gratitude through the exchange of gifts. However, for animals (dogs particularly) it can be a wonderful time or not!

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When One Has A Side-kick!

Original image from Dragoart.com
Original image from Dragoart.com

My answer to Daily Prompt’s prompt is that I believe that every now and again us mere humans need that little bit of help sometimes, whether we like to admit to it or not! Even superheroes have help now and again. So, I shall introduce you to my side-kick (and no it is NOT Pingu)…

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